On Feb. 24 I had the pleasure of witnessing New Politics Lost in Translation tour with Dreamers and The Wrecks. This was my fourth time seeing New Politics, my third seeing The Wrecks, and my first seeing Dreamers.


The Wrecks opened the show with the signature fire and energy they always have. These guys are one of the greatest bands I have ever experienced in my life. They perform with such passion and energy, their songs are so catchy and well written, and they blend so well on stage. They are surely a driving force in the music scene and I know the sky is the limit for them. Every chance I get to see them, I am more thrilled than I was the last time. I never know what exactly to expect, other than a damn good performance.

The Wrecks were followed by a band called Dreamers. They had a similar vibe to The Wrecks but they weren’t as energetic on stage. They gained some momentum however when the lead singer came out into the crowd. Overall the sound was good and many of their songs had well developed lyrics, they just weren’t really my type. I definitely respect them as artists however.


Finally, New Politics took the stage. I was excited to see them headline for the first time and I was definitely not disappointed. They put together the perfect set list to keep the energy going at all times, the vocals were exceptionally good, and they encompassed songs from each of their albums. I always enjoy a show that brings new and old songs together. It was also a great feeling to see so many people there to support these guys. I saw them for the first time in 2014 when they played Kansas City’s Red White and Boom festival with Fall Out Boy. They completely captivated me, however many of the people there were not paying much attention to them. Then to see them now, with a pretty big crowd and so many people singing along, it was such a heartwarming feeling. I will always recommend people to see New Politics any chance that they get.

Overall, I really enjoyed this show. I felt that it was a great show for The Wrecks, who are a band that is gaining momentum each day in this scene and deservedly so. I also felt that it was a great show put on by New Politics and that they are also gaining fans by the day, and I truly hope that all the bands on this tour continue in their artistic ventures, because they are truly great musicians.

So throughout this project, I have had the opportunity to see many new and different venues. I am going to dedicate this post to giving a little insight into my favorite ones. So, in no particular order,

The Truman (Kansas City, MO) – I first went to this venue in October for the Motionless in White show. The venue was super cool, it looked like they had renovated an old auto-mechanic shop. The staff was super nice, it was really hot the day of that show and the staff brought out bottles of water for those waiting in line. I also saw a pick on the floor that night and at almost any other venue I have been to the guards would have ignored me if I had asked for it. Here I simply pointed to the pick hoping the guard would know what I meant and he used his flashlight to get it for me. This was one of my favorite venues yet.

The Granada (Lawrence, KS) – This is the venue I visit the most when it comes to shows. This place feels like home to me. I have seen a total of nine shows at this venue and I can’t wait to see more. The staff here are nice as well, even though sometimes the way they are with the VIP experiences is a little unorganized. The venue gives off a family vibe which I appreciate greatly. It also gives off a grungy feel which I think adds to the scene vibe all together. Overall, this is also one of my favorite venues due to how comfortable I am with it.

The Cotillion  (Wichita, KS) – This venue reminds me of the Granada, only slightly larger and a bigger stage. The venue is also rounded out, so the back of the stage is sort of a circle. I really can’t describe it any other way. The show I saw here was In This Moment and Motionless in White. I enjoyed all the tables they had at the back to go sit on and rest. I also enjoyed how simple it was, therefore there was little confusion.

The Bottleneck (Lawrence, KS) – I absolutely love the layout of this venue/bar. There are bleachers off to the side and booths at the top, there are a couple steps that lead down to the floor and a small stage. I enjoyed the openness of the venue with having the pool tables and such in the front. I saw The Wrecks here and enjoyed taking photographs here due to the fact that I could get great shots from anywhere!


I highly recommend these venues to any Kansas concert goers. I enjoy the staff, layouts, and sound quality of all of these venues. If any readers have any concert stories they would like to share, tweet me! @Natlindz !


Thank you for reading!


Now, if you aren’t a Neck Deep fan, this title may throw you for a bit of a loop. If however, you have indeed heard of the band, this title sounds incredibly familiar, and after listening to the bands newest album “The Peace and The Panic”, this statement couldn’t hold more true.

Let’s face it, these guys are bringing back punk. There isn’t a band around right now that sounds exactly like them, and that is a great thing to be able to say. With bands around in this scene right now, you can almost always say, ‘Hey, they remind me of so and so’ which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s very rare to find a band such as Neck Deep, who in my opinion have their very own sound.

Now, onto their album.

Before this album I will admit, I wasn’t a fan of the band. Upon hearing these new songs though I gained a greater appreciation for their older music. This album opened me up to the band and I am not disappointed in the slightest. With songs such as ‘Happy Judgement Day’ and ‘Where Do We Go When We Go’ that have a very fast sound and make you want to scream the lyrics and jump around. You also are blessed with total bops like ‘In Bloom’ and ‘Heavy Lies’ that are such great and amazing relationship ballads. The band also gives us songs that hit us all right in the feels with songs like ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ’19 Seventy Sumthin” which both encompass loss that was experienced.

Shot from Neck Deep’s “In Bloom” video

Looking to the subject matter of the songs, we can see that this band really knows how to apply to their fans, from worldly matters, to relationships, to loss, there is more than likely a song that one can relate to and that is always a nice feeling for a fan.

Overall, this is definitely a band that nobody should sleep on. These guys are already huge, and they won’t be stopping here, I can tell they have much, much, more in store. Keep your eyes on them, and your ears open to them, because I promise you, you won’t be disappointed if you do.


Catch Neck Deep on tour in the US Jan-Feb of next year! Check out the dates below and follow the links to get tickets!