Before listening: I don’t think that I will be a big fan of this album, it seems too mainstream for me. I was and still am a huge fan of the older fall out boy and I know that this album is a pretty big shift from that. However, I feel that this album is probably a big step out of the bands comfort zone and I gain so much respect for artists who take such large leaps like this. So, I’m skeptical but interested, so lets get started.

Young and menace: I love the first line of this song, as well as the Nikki Sixx line. The chorus is so intense and delivers such a drive and brings the confusion factor that seems to be what this album was meant to bestow on its listeners. Then going from the intense chorus into the subtle verse…I can’t put my finger on one exact point in this song that sets it in for me, but I am honestly all for this side of fall out boy.

Champion: Slow intro, softer sound then right into harsh vocals. Very empowering. Overall there is something about this song that I feel is missing musically. Maybe it’s that it just doesn’t really go anywhere. Many of the bands songs are somewhat unpredictable, where as this one is not. I feel that this song could have been made a lot more than it is, but it isn’t my song to create or perform. This song is very lyrically driven however.

Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea: Okay um…weird title, but what else is new with Fall Out Boy? I like the intro, it’s dark and cool. I like the bridge a LOT. Again, this seems like a much more simple melody than what you would expect from them, but this song holds a lot of lyrical value and Patrick is taking a new road with his vocals, which is working well for him!

HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T: Okay, alright, this is different. Dark lyrics and a  lighter sound, and I have always been a fan of that kind of contradiction. I like the whistles and marimba and snapping a lot, I think it adds to the “dreamy” feel that the song seems to entail. The chorus is nice as well.

The Last Of The Real Ones: Nice light piano, the bridge in this song stands out to me vocally. I really really like this chorus. I think this might be one of my favorite songs on this album. I like the tunnel vision line and I like the speed up on the last of the real ones.

Wilson (Expensive Mistakes): I like the songs when Patrick stays in his lower range and I actually really enjoy the lyrics in this song. I like the “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color” line. This song is brutally honest and I respect that a lot, i think this song is lyrically my favorite on the album, I’m not a big fan of the sound of it however.

Church: Ha, the church music intro, I get it. I feel that this song is missing something as well. I think that again, vocally this one is great but I feel that it lacks lyrically and musically. This one really doesn’t impress me.

Heaven’s Gate: I LOVE THE SLOWER VIBE. The slow swing vibe is one of my favorite sounds and then mixing it with Patricks unique vocals is a combination that is so much more beautiful than one might expect. This is a unique take on a love song in this scene and I really like it. I really like the choruses in this song and the slide in heaven’s during the chorus. This one is definitely one of my favorites on the album.

Sunshine Riptide: Yeah, I’m really not a fan of this song either. I like the chorus but everything leading up to it is too simple and basic for my taste.

Bishops Knife Trick: I like the softer tone. I also notice the subtle guitar during the verses. I really like the chorus though, it’s nice. I think this is one of the better songs on the album, and it is lyrically very developed.


After listening: I will say, I liked it more than I thought I would. Is it my favorite? Oh no, absolutely not. I think that Fall Out Boy saw their opportunity to take a new route and so they took it. They did really well taking that route, and they created really developed songs and some really unique sounds. This album wasn’t really my style though, so as a review I will have to say I wasn’t entirely in love. I felt that some of the songs were too simple and that had they maybe had a little bit more vocal variety or a melodic variety I would have liked it a lot more.

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