Hey guys, so I thought it might be fun to go through my spotify discover playlist and highlight and rate some new artist for me and for you guys!


1. Deaf Havana – Everybody’s Dancing And I Want To Die: I first noticed the odd intro. As I listened I was reminded of Mallory Knox, which I’m assuming is why they were on my discover playlist. There is kind of an odd rhythm in the chorus, but overall I like the vocals a lot and the lyrics are sad but make you want to sing along. 6/10


2. Sink Your Teeth Into This – Conquer Divide ft Denis Stoff: I like the oh’s in the beginning and the screams remind me of Ice Nine Kills. However, the female vocals remind me of Haley Williams but a little, overall she sounds very unique. I really like these guys and will definitely be looking into them! 9/10

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3. Hopeless Case – ROAM: I really like the guitar in the intro and I now know why these guys toured with As It Is. They sound like a mix of As It Is and Neck Deep and give off a very modern punk vibe, I really enjoy this song. 7/10


4. Familiar Ground – Exit: These guys remind me of State Champs and the vocalist has a slight resemblance to Jeremy McKinnon in certain spots. I like the guitar transitions in the second verse.  At fist I wasn’t sure how I felt about the song, but it grew on me as I listened to it. 6/10


5. In The Mouth of Madness – Nightmares featuring Tyler Carter: I love intros like this one, ones that go from softer vocals into a guitar, then into screams, those intro’s get me every time. This band reminds me of Crown The Empire and I really like the chorus in this song. The vocals from the beginning are fantastic and then Tyler Carter really just adds to this already amazing song. I will definitely be adding these guys to my playlist ASAP! 10/10