What’s up you guys, it’s Thursday and I am going to throw it back with some bands that I listen to pretty regularly. Now to constitute a throwback, all the bands on this list or that are highlighted in this post have been a band for 15+ years and have at least one original member left. Let’s get to it…


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5. The Rolling Stones

  • My top three songs from these guys are “Gimme Shelter”, “Mother’s Little Helper”, and the classic “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”. These songs are all ones that just get you in a certain way and are almost impossible not to sing along to. I have also had the opportunity to see the band live and that was a wild ride for sure. Mick Jagger is 75 years old and runs all over the stage like he doesn’t have a care in the world. It is absolutely insane.


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4. Billy Joel

  • I think that I may have featured Billy Joel before but I am a huge fan of him. My three favorites from him are “Extremes”, “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me”, and “Uptown Girl” because you CANNOT go wrong with that one. These songs are so fun to sing along to and another one that holds a spot in my heart is “We Didn’t Start the Fire” which is partially because I watched a lyric video of it for a week to learn it in the right order in 9th grade. ANYWAY.


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3. Green Day

  • If you guys haven’t gathered by now that I absolutely LOVE Green Day, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GREEN DAY. “Basket Case”, “21st Century Breakdown”, and “Kill The DJ” are the three songs that come to mind for me but there are so many more that I love equally. Seeing these guys live is a spectacle in itself for sure, especially a bunny comes out and dances to “Blitzkrieg Bop” only to be followed by a child singing “Know Your Enemy” with Billie and then stage diving into a massive crowd. If you ever get the chance to see Green Day, do yourself a favor and GO.



2. A Day To Remember

  • Look, I know that they are just over 15 years old but they are absolutely AMAZING in every sense of the word. Top three songs for me are “Turn Off the Radio”, “I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made of?” and “I Remember”. I know these songs are fairly popular but they all are some of my favorite songs in general. I may be wrong but I cannot think of an artist that has put out such a diverse sound on each record that isn’t ADTR. Jeremy McKinnon has one of the most unique voices I have heard through my life. I have also seen them live and currently have a ticket to see them again in June and I couldn’t be more excited.


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1. Nirvana

  • Nirvana is one of my absolute favorite bands, and I get a lot of grief for it. The number of times I have been called a poser for liking Nevermind the most is ridiculous but I get over it pretty quickly by listening to “Lithium” and minding my own business. Nonetheless, my three favorite songs by Nirvana would have to be “Heart-Shaped Box”, “Dumb”, and “In Bloom”, which are all very very closely followed by “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, “Lithium”, and “All Apologies” since those were the songs that of course got me into the band. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t wish I could have seen these guys live, and I’m waiting for the day where I can see the Foo Fighters, that seems to be the closest I can get and I’m sure that would be a grand ole time as well.


There are so many other bands that I could have included on this list, such as Linkin Park, Metallica, All Time Low, Soundgarden, Shinedown, Papa Roach, Ozzy Osbourne, Queen, the list goes on. For now, those are my throwback picks. Thank you for reading and if you want to, go ahead and follow my blog to stay up to date with my upcoming posts!

(Photos of The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Green Day, Nirvana, and the featured image are not mine and I take no credit for them).


I listen to very few artists that are given radio play, Shinedown being one of them. I am a massive fan of the band and when I scored GA tickets to this show I definitely shed some tears. More were to come the night of the show for sure, especially when they played “Second Chance” but who wouldn’t cry.

Alright, now down to the nitty-gritty.


The openers have to come first, since you know, they open the show. At this point I have seen all three bands on the lineup twice, this past show being my second time seeing them. When I first saw Asking Alexandria, they were towards the end of their co-headline tour with Black Veil Brides this past May. I had jammed out incredibly hard to Blessthefall and was therefore giving my entire body a break and sitting off to the side of the venue. After about two songs of their set on that tour, I was desperately trying to get myself back into that crowd because the energy in the room was off the charts. You throw these guys into an arena and the energy still soars. If you ever have the chance to see them live, I promise you they will not disappoint.


Papa Roach are the same way, I saw them open for A Day To Remember Feb. of 2018 and was absolutely bouncing off the walls, along with pretty much every other person in attendance at that show. So when I watched them play in an arena, it was no different. The energy was soaring and I can easily say that Jacoby Shaddix is one of the BEST frontmen in the business. P.S. both of these bands are touring together this summer and you can get yourself tickets from the link at the end of this post!


Now on to Shinedown. First off these guys know how to put on a damn SHOW. I was absolutely captivated from the moment they got on stage to the moment the lights went up. From the lights, to the energy, to the crowd, all of it came together and made of the best, if not the best show I have seen to date. The set list was absolutely phenomenal, having tunes from all albums and even playing “Save Me” which they hadn’t played in years and didn’t play at any other date of the tour. Of course they did their cover of Lynyrd Skynnyrd’s “Simple Man” which had many of the people around me crying. Finally they closed with “Brilliant” off their most recent album Attention Attention. 


Next thing to consider was the staging and lighting. The stage was set up as basically two stages. The main stage was connected to a catwalk which lead to a smaller square stage where the band played about half of their set. I was barricade for this stage and could not have asked for a better experience from it. The lighting and backing graphics fit every song and lended to the overall experience tremendously. 



Finally, the energy. I go to lots of concerts, so far upwards of 40 since 2013. I have never lost my voice at a show, until this one. I may have had whiplash from headbanging, always have a ringing in my ears, but I have never once left a show with a gravely voice. I sang every word at this show and had absolutely no notion of just how loud I was. I was so caught up in the presence and the rush and the fun, that I lost every worry, even the one of keeping my voice. That seemed to gain some smiles at points so I would consider it a win.


This show was so much fun, and it was such a great experience to have. I met wonderful people, had a blast with fantastic music, and was a part of something so well put together that I can’t actually compare it to anything else that I have done before. Shinedown pulled off one of the best shows that I have ever seen and I cannot wait to see them again.


Tickets for Papa Roach with Asking Alexandria: https://www.paparoach.com/tour

This past Sunday I spent the evening being a part of one of the coolest shows I have seen to date. As It Is announced their tour with support from Point North, Missouri natives Hold Close, and Sharptooth. If you also had the opportunity to experience this tour then you know just how cool it actually was.As It Is is a band that I have enjoyed and listened to for about four years now and was quick to jump at the chance to see them again. Especially when I found out that they were bringing Sharptooth out with them, as soon as that dropped Iknew it was something too unique to miss.

First I want to highlight the VIP option for this tour. It was well priced and easy to navigate. The sound check included the opportunity for a Q & A, the photos were taken professionally and you weren’t rushed during it. Also, I got a coloring book…how many bands do you guys know that give out their own COLORING BOOKS? None. As It Is. That’s it.



Then the show overall was incredibly impressive. Starting with Point North who were super versatile in their sound and style. I really enjoyed their songs and their set. Overall I think that these guys have the potential to have a rise such as that of Movements, which is a pretty big feat. I truly enjoyed their stage presence and their sound and I will be adding them to my spotify for sure.




Hold Close reminded me a lot of Cherry Pools. A very laid back and set with deep pink and purple tones in their lighting. They were a band that I might add to more of a laid back playlist, at least from what I saw at their live set. I think that they added a very unique feel to the tour and show in generaly by having such a different sound from all of the other bands on the bill. Overall, I enjoyed their set and I think that having them play before Sharptooth is probably the best way to describe the turns my music taste takes.



Sharptooth were next and all I can say about their set, is wow. Look, when you have a girl who is shorter (I’m 5’4″) and thinner than me, with a vocal like this there really isn’t much else to say.

This band is a new take on hardcore and put on one of the most intense sets I have EVER been able to experience. If you are even slightly into hardcore I will highly recommend checking these guys out. I am so happy that I got the chance to actually witness their set, even though their bassist had me scared for my life when he jumped up on the barricade right in front of me.

Finally As It Is took the stage, and gave a perfect end to a perfect show. There was a family type bond between the members as they also had their own highlight moments. The environment was open and welcoming to everyone and there was a constant aura of support and love fromthe crowd and the band. The songs were energetic and pulled you in, in short, this show was something I wish everyone who has ever struggled with abuse, mental illness, addiction, anything of the sort, could have experienced. It was almost cathartic for me, and I wish everyone could have felt that. This tour gave the band a chance to shine and to make a mark on people that supporting sets may not allow for. Being able to see this band perform a headline set versus a support set gave me a whole new dimension to see them in and to see around them. I am incredibly impressed with them and definitely consider them one of the best live bands.



Break is over and I am back. I decided to do this because while I do listen to a lot of Metalcore and harder rock, I have many other artists in my library that don’t really get enough recognition. So today I am going to give those artists some much-needed love by going through my songs on Spotify and talking about the first five songs that I stop on.



1. “Friendly Enemies” by Jule Vera: As one of the more interestingly unique songs on this album, I truly do appreciate it. The entire album is a refreshing indie rock sound and I think vocally, Ansley Newman is incredible and deserves many props for her sound. This song is also much more of a rock song and therefore highlights the bands versatility which is always something to appreciate.




2. “Too Young To Feel This Old” by You Me At Six: I enjoy the intro to this song a lot. I can picture experiencing it live and the stage lighting and that is always nice to have with a song. I also really enjoy the progression of the song through the verse, bridge, and chorus. It honestly reminds me of a hill, that sounds super dumb but if you listen to the song you will completely get it. The song is a part of Cavalier Youth and while the album as a whole is a masterpiece, this song is an incredible addition to it.



3. “Hey Rachel” by As It Is: Writing a song about your sibling? I don’t know about you but this is the only song that I know with that subject matter. The band also does a really great job of making a really sad song sound super upbeat and happy. It definitely gets stuck in your head and gets your head bopping. Is it my favorite song by As It Is? No, but overall it is unique both technically and lyrically which can’t be overlooked.



4. “Mad At Myself” by Issues: This was the first song by Issues that I ever heard when I looked them up in 2015and I loved it from the get go. While I don’t really listen to the band anymore, Tyler Carter still has one of the best voices out there in my opinion and this track highlights his talents extremely well. This song is on my list of favorite songs in general and I don’t think that it is going anywhere anytime soon.



5. “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel: This song is a true treasure and I will always get super hyped up when it plays. Anyone who says that they can get through this song without singing or humming along is most definitely lying because it’s impossible. I also never dance and you really can’t help but want to jump around and dance with someone when this song plays.



Well those were my shuffles! I know it wasn’t much but I will most definitely get back into the habit of posting and keeping up with things! I hope you enjoyed it and keep coming back for more!

About a month ago I had the opportunity to see Blessthefall for the fifth time on their Hard Feelings tour. Through this tour, I was exposed to a band that I can now easily claim as one of my favorite bands to date. The line-up consisted of A War Within, Thousand Below, Ded, The Word Alive, and Blessthefall. All of the bands on this bill were phenomenal live but The Word Alive completely blew my mind.

When the tour got announced I was eager to listen to The Word Alive having heard great things about them but never getting around to listen to them. I was late to the party, but at least I got there, and I am very happy that I did. These guys bring so many amazing aspects to the table when it comes to being in music. Their sound, their persona, their connection, their live show, all of it comes together at once and hits you in the face like a ton of bricks. Only this time the bricks don’t hurt!snapchat-1686048024

In regards to their sound, these guys cover all the bases. The mix of clean and unclean vocals and how they meld together is impossible to find flaws in. Telle’s clean vocals take people to a different world entirely and then his screams yank them right back. You can find slower yet still hardcore songs or songs that have you banging your head the whole time. Put these songs into a live setting and you’ve got a true energy on your hands. This energy is obvious in the music but to see how the band connects to each other on stage gives you 110% and it’s a truly refreshing thing to witness and gives you an amazing feeling of togetherness, which is not something to overlook in a bands live performance.

Seeing The Word Alive was an experience that I will hold dear forever and hopefully get to experience many more times. From the moment their set started, which started with an extended intro to Red Clouds, it was building and building in suspense and intensity. That intensity remained through the entire set, and there was crowd interaction and involvement in almost every song. The emotion put forth with this band is something I can’t begin to express with words. Emotion is one of my core requirements to become a favorite band of mine, and needless to say they checked that box super quick.

I highly recommend checking these guys out NOW. They are fantastic in every way and bring all that you could want in a band for this scene.

So I put this one to a vote on instagram and it looks like you all are looking for some good songs to cry over. I was sitting in my journalism lecture the other day when we talked about how different types of media affected us as human beings. My professor then went around the lecture hall asking many people what their go to “cry” song was. That made me realize I have way too many to count, but I decided I would narrow it down to five. Lets get started.

5. Wish You Were Here – Neck Deep: This songs talks about losing a friend from high school and wishing you could go back and hear their voice again, see them again, anything like that. This song along with 19 Seventy Sumthin’ are incredibly moving and never fail to bring at least a couple tears to my eyes.

4. Tess-Timony – Ice Nine Kills: This song is based on the story of “Tess of the D’urbervilles” by Thomas Hardy. They story itself is incredibly heartbreaking and the song is nothing less. Ice Nine Kills does a fantastic job of capturing the despair felt within the story in the melody and dynamics of their song. I absolutely love this song and can’t help but get very emotional when I listen to it.

3. Therapy – All Time Low: If you claim to be an All Time Low fan and you didn’t cry the first 50 times you listened to this song, you’re lying. This song has a lot of significance to me and my emotional well being. Whenever I am feeling low about myself this is for sure a go to song. If you ever need to get the feeling that you aren’t alone in your struggles or your problems, I highly recommend this song!

2. Bruise – With Confidence: I talked about this song in my last post but it definitely deserves a spot on this list too. As with Tess-Timony  I get a little over emotional with this song. It brings up so many thoughts and emotions within the listeners and I can’t help but shed some tears with each listen.

Now I decided to add some honorable mentions to this list since I have, like I said earlier, way too many go to cry songs. Here are three that I was very torn over when trying to decide my top five! Maybe give one of them a listen if none of the others work for you or you have the time!

Honorable Mentions: 

Special – Shinedown

Forgive and Forget – A Day To Remember

Time Machine – State Champs

And my number one sad song, would have to be, 

1. Perfect – Simple Plan: Okay every time…literally EVERY time I listen to this song I cry. The raw emotions within the song, the begging for approval, all of it is so heart wrenching. The feeling of not being good enough is something I am sure we have all felt at some point in our lives and to have it displayed in such a pure way as it is in this song is absolutely something that could make anyone cry.


So those are my tear-jerkers, if you think of one that I didn’t add to the list tweet me with it @Natlindz ! (Also follow that twitter because I just did my very first ticket giveaway! I will be doing more in the future!) I am always down to have some new song suggestions! Thank y’all for reading!



If only I had known how crazy good this band was during Warped Tour. I just recently became exposed to With Confidence and I can say I am actually quite a fan. Very excited to see them live this winter on their co-headliner with Broadside! Tickets go on sale this Friday Aug. 31 so hopefully you can snag some tickets! For now though, lets talk about this album.

That Something This track while it isn’t my favorite on the album is quite catchy. This track opening the album confused me at first but gradually I came to the thought that maybe it was meant to show the bands overall devotion to the record and that they will be able to hold this record dear for years and that their fans will be able to as well.

Sing To Me- Okay, so at first the vocals remind me of Andy Leo from Crown The Empire. I think that my favorite part of this song is the chorus. I love the way that it flows. I think the song is incredibly cute and I also like the addition of the backing vocals. The breakdown into a harsher vocal and then instantly switching to lighter and then back to how it was at the beginning. I think that this is a solid tune and adds a nice softer hearted dimension to the album.

Moving Boxes- This song is always stuck in my head. I think this is also a great track to encompass the overall theme of the album, especially when you consider the music video. I feel that this track is one of the best on this album. It honestly reminds me of  Weezers Buddy Holly with the “These days I’ve been nothing but a burden” line and the progression of the first verse. This song also contrasts the last song and shows a more aggressive view.

The Turnaround- I think almost any album you find nowadays is going to have a track like this, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The track that provokes self reflection within its listeners. The lyrics focus on thinking of what one wants within themselves and why they want it. The upbeat and light flow of the song brings the feeling of ease within ones decision to make something better for themselves. I think that this song could do a lot of good for a lot of people.

Jaded- And again, here is a more aggressive side of the band. A very fast pace, driving beat, about a relationship situation. With the track opening with a strong and prominent bass line, it gives off a very pop-punk feel.  I especially love the acapella line at the tail end of the song, it ties the track back to the softer side the band has shown before.

Better- The band seems to be directly alternating between soft and hard sounds within their tracks as this one is a softer feeling in comparison to Jaded. This track is definitely one of the more emotional tracks on the album and I think that it can also be tied back to be the loathing counter to The Turnaround which could easily be seen as the love of oneself for taking on a positive mindset

Spinning- This is my second favorite track on the album. I love how each chorus closes with a single vocal line and how absolutely adorable the song is. I also love the bridge after the second verse. The backing Woo-hoo’s add an innocence to the song that is absolutely tied back into the first part of the records title. This song is one I listen to at least once a day and the romantic in me has not one ounce of shame in that.

Bruise- There are very few albums and I mean like, maybe three, where my favorite song is a sad song. There are now four. This was the first song I heard off the album and was the one that made me feel this album was worth a deeper look. I love everything about this song. It’s pure emotion, it’s beautifully executed and worded, it made me cry the first two times I heard it and it brings me close to tears even when I listen to it now. This is also, in my opinion, the loathing counter to the previous track. I could go on and on about how much I really love this song but I will spare you all from that. Just listen to it, if you won’t listen to the whole album at least listen to this song.

Pâquerette (Without Me)- Again, another softer take. Also, this song is incredibly adorableThis song is one that takes the ever present idea of having to watch someone you once loved become a better person than the one you were with. It shows that while relationships do end sometimes it was for the better and it is easier to accept that things change and people do too than to be bitter about something you may have lost. I think this song is very mature content wise and I respect it.

Icarus- I think this is the loathing counterpart to the previous track. I am beginning to see the theme within the title and its correlation to the album title. I like the idea that the band went with. This track however is my least favorite on the album, I think it is a little too edgy and angsty for me.

Dopamine- I like the sound and flow of the vocals in this song. The melody and all that is great too but I think the vocal work stands out in this one. I think it was a great break from the seemingly musically focused other songs. I enjoy the song in general but I think that it is definitely stronger lyrically and vocally than musically.

Tails- I wish that this song hadn’t been left to close the record. It is a fantastic song and actually my third favorite on the album, I just wish it would have been sooner in the album. I always find myself humming the chorus to this one. I think it is a very confident song and I think it also ties in with The Turnaround. This song seems to be a much more confident take on it.

Overall: Some of the songs on this track are softer and lighterhearted, symbolizing the feeling of love. Either the love of something, a feeling, or of someone. Then the other half of the tracks are easily seen as a loathing of all of the previously listed things. Then to have Tails close with “Think love and loathing is all I’ve got, sometimes I think it’s all I want” one could say that signifies that means that the feelings are either love or hate and that Jayden wants that changed but that he also is uncomfortable with the change. Or it could be literal, meaning that he poured is heart and soul into the album and deeply desires everyone who listens to love it as much as he does, because he feels its contents reflect all he is, therefore all he has.

Take the album how you will, but overall I give this album a 9/10. I think that it is by far one of the greatest albums the scene has gotten this year and will be a presence here for a while. Whether you like the band or not, the music is good, it’s REALLY good.




One of my favorite things about Warped Tour was the time limit on each set. It gives people time to see their favorite bands play but also gives them time to meet the people they want to meet. Never, in my last four summers of Warped Tours have I been UPSET with that time limit.

I had two chances to see Ice Nine Kills before this final warped tour run but somehow, something fell through each time. So when I found out they were going to be on the final Warped Tour stop in Bonner Springs,  I wasn’t letting anything stop me from seeing them.

From the moment they hit the stage I was hooked. Not to mention they played one of my favorite songs, “Nature Of The Beast”. Then they closed with “Me, Myself, and Hyde” which was absolutely outstanding, with the very slow and melodic introduction and the transition into the intense metal. They had me screaming every lyric at the top of my voice, jumping with all my might, and head banging as hard as I possibly could. For all the readers who know just how much I love Blessthefall, I had the same amount of neck pain from Ice Nine Kills set as I do after Blessthefall shows…that should really put it into perspective. As soon as the set was done I was left wanting so much more. I was for the first time in my life wishing the set time for Warped Tour was longer, but only so I could see more of these guys. I was already asking myself “When are they coming back? And please let them be headlining!” Then following their set I was lucky enough to be able to have my copy of Animal Farm signed by them. It was such an amazing experience involving these guys!

I truly hope that these guys come back to little old Kansas, because I am more than ready to see a full set from these guys and hardcore rock out!

Check out the bands video for their first single from their upcoming album The Silver Scream “The American Nightmare”! These guys also dropped their second single today called “Thank God It’s Friday” which you can take a listen to down below! Make sure to check them out all summer long on the Mutant Red Dawn stage at Warped Tour!

You all can bet I was incredibly surprised when I was sitting in forensics class one Thursday and suddenly a notification popped up on my screen telling me that the one and only Panic! At the Disco would be playing in Lawrence the next day. I instantly took a screenshot of the notification and when the bell rang, ran to my moms classroom to tell her what was going on and figure out a way to get myself there.

The next day my friend, my sister and I showed up outside the Bottleneck in Lawrence and waited to get our tickets. How the line process went, was all the people with hopes of getting tickets condensed into a single file line once a worker came out and told us that we would be numbered off once we entered the venue. We walked in, got our numbers, stamps, wristbands, and tickets. Then we were able to, actually encouraged to leave the venue and come back later in the evening. When we did return we were told to get in line in numerical order, which everyone did. Once in the venue the real party began.

I was in such awe at the fact that I was seeing a band used to playing arenas, in a small bar in the middle of Kansas that my smile was permanent the whole night. Not to mention the fact that Brendon Urie really knows how to put on a show. He never stopped moving, he was interacting with the crowd, he was reading signs and shaking hands, he was truly there to put his heart and soul into the show. I was also incredibly delighted to get the chance to see new bassist Nicole Row early on in her time with the group. I think she added a great presence to the show and the group. It is not common to see female bassists in a scene like this. It was quite a breath of fresh air. The energy from this show was a surprise for me because I have seen arena shows before and I know they are much different from club/bar shows. However, I felt the energy radiating off of the performance and it felt just like the club shows that I love so dearly. I couldn’t have imagined that I would ever get the chance to see Panic! let alone see them in a small venue such as the Bottleneck. I am forever thankful for the experience however and I am excited to experience one of their shows again.

Panic! At the Disco will be making a stop at the Sprint Center in February of 2019, and I highly recommend snagging some tickets to that early! I’m sure you will not regret it! Get yours at the link below!


Well as the summer draws closer, we were all patiently awaiting the lineup announcement of the final full run of the Vans Warped Tour. I was actually driving home when they dropped the lineup, and I actually had to pull off the road and see this one for myself. Here are a couple of the bands I feel everyone should pay attention to on this run!

Waterparks (Journeys Left Foot stage): I have been lucky enough (no pun intended) to see these guys four times up to this point. I actually saw them when they were on Warped Tour in 2016. These guys are one of the best live acts I have seen in my five years of going to shows. They bring an innocence to the stage that translates well with the primarily teenage environment of Warped Tour. They are incredibly genuine in their performances and I feel that anyone who likes a good pop-punk show would have a blast at Waterparks’s Warped Tour set.

As It Is (owly.fm stage) : I saw As It Is when I saw Waterparks this past November. I had met Patty and Ben at Warped Tour in 2015 but had a TEI class during their set, so I missed it. Seeing them at the Granada in Lawrence I feel gave me a great grasp on how energetic and unpredictable this band can be. Their fans are die-hard and give every ounce of love they can to these guys, making for one great crowd experience. I am so excited to see what their Warped Tour set is like.

Motionless In White (Mutant White Lightning stage): I will never again pass up a chance to see Motionless In White. These dudes are absolutely INSANE on stage and I have so much respect for what they are capable of. I again am super excited to see their Warped Tour set. I think that the band will be able to be much more raw and stripped down for this tour, and I would really like to see that side of them, even though I know they are a very theatrical band. I think they have the ability to be incredibly diverse in their performance and I am excited to witness that first hand, and I think everyone really is.

Ice Nine Kills (Mutant Red Dawn stage): I have yet to actually see these guys live, and it kills me…again…no pun intended. I am so anxious to see them. I have listened to them for about two years now and have had about three chances to see them and they never worked out, which is incredibly sad. I am a huge fan of how these guys work their songs and Spencer’s vocals. I think that these dudes will be absolutely fantastic on Warped Tour and I can’t wait to see their set.

This list could go on and on, but I will let you guys have your favorites and I hope you all get the chance to check out these four bands and many more on this final full run of Vans Warped Tour!