Songs That Remind Me Of…

Songs That Remind Me Of: Starlight (Annie January)

This is my favorite playlist so far in this series…I am absolutely in love with it. Starlight is probably my favorite female lead in a show at this point in time. I am always captivated by Erin Moriarty in each episode of The Boys. I think her portrayal is part of the reason I am […]

Songs That Remind Me Of: Polka-Dot Man

*SLIGHT SUICIDE SQUAD SPOILERS AHEAD* I didn’t fall of the face of the earth for a minute…you did…anyway. That was a cool alliteration I did there though. So if you all couldn’t tell, I like making playlists about things. So after watching The Suicide Squad (full review coming in a couple weeks to avoid spoiling […]

Songs That Remind Me Of Nick Miller

If you’re a fan of New Girl then you should completely understand why this playlist is necessary. Nick Miller is known for his unique outlook on life, his fairly toxic self view, and the lovable odd ball sense of humor he brings to the show (which is complemented immensely by his counterpart Schmidt). Now I […]

Songs That Remind Me Of: Hughie Campbell

Playlist Link Here Hello again everyone! Welcome back to another written episode of “Songs That Remind Me Of…” which is a series that nobody asked for but that I started anyways. So here’s another companion article to a playlist I made. This week, we’re putting some noise to everyones (my) favorite awkward supe-exploding, Billy Joel […]

Songs That Remind Me Of: Bucky Barnes

My hiatus is officially over! School is out, my jobs are started, I am still anxious but I am back nonetheless! So I have taken to filling up my spare time with analyzing some of my favorite characters from shows and movies and creating soundtracks for them…because why not? I plan to keep doing this […]