Film & TV Reviews

Review: Malignant

SPOILERS AHEAD Alright, I don’t even know how to truly start this post. When I first heard of Malignant I was sort of intrigued. I stress sort of because I don’t think I ever saw a full trailer? I only ever saw clips on Facebook or Twitter that were about 10 seconds long and went […]

Found Footage: Opening Every Door for Horror

When I was a child, I was absolutely traumatized by the film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist. Which means that logically I am now obsessed with horror films, because that’s how trauma works. ANYWHO! As my love for the genre developed, I began to find myself drawn to movies that looked as though I […]

Review: The Suicide Squad

Now most people know that I am not usually a fan of DCEU films, but push that out of your head for this post. Because that 100% does not apply to The Suicide Squad. I went into this movie with extremely high hopes and those were pushed even further than I thought they would be. […]

Review: The Conjuring “The Devil Made Me Do It”

For years I have considered myself an avid fan of horror. I remember the first time I watched Ghost Ship (yeah and I liked it…so what?) and from then on I was hooked. So needless to say I fell in love with The Conjuring series and did a little digging into Ed and Lorraine Warrens […]

Songs That Remind Me Of: Bucky Barnes

My hiatus is officially over! School is out, my jobs are started, I am still anxious but I am back nonetheless! So I have taken to filling up my spare time with analyzing some of my favorite characters from shows and movies and creating soundtracks for them…because why not? I plan to keep doing this […]

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Check Point

Alrighty everyone, we are half way through TFATWS and that means it is time for not only a re-cap (see…see what I did there…no? okay. thats fine. moving on.) but a set of predictions for the final three episodes. What we’ve seen: Re-Cap: I did it again to make sure it stuck. Anyway, we see […]

Review: Godzilla vs. Kong – A Kaiju Fest for the Ages

When I was much younger than I am now, my father was absolutely obsessed with Godzilla. I remember almost all of the movies and can picture each version of the monster in my head with total clarity. Even the ones I don’t want to remember…such as the Godzilla that was in the Matthew Broderick movie […]

Actor Highlight: Tom Holland

When I was in the theater for Captain America: Civil War, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of our newest (and in my opinion best) Peter Parker. Ever since the memorable airport scene, Tom Holland has become a household name for Marvel fans. However, I firmly believe that Peter Parker is just the surface of […]

Review: Wandavision

When Marvel first announced their series ideas pre-covid, I will admit that this series was the one I expected the least from. Now that this was the first show we were able to witness I cannot say if that is still the case or not. Wandavision is a very important piece to the ever evolving […]

Review: Wonder Woman 1984

*SLIGHT WONDER WOMAN SPOILERS INCLUDED* As a very avid marvel fan, I will always say that the avengers and their friend and acquaintances are my superheroes. However, in 2017 I welcomed one DC character into the lineup. That being Wonder Woman. I loved the first Wonder Woman movie and was beyond excited when the sequel […]

Disney Investors Day Recap

Today was a HUGE day for Disney and it’s franchises. We got news on series and movies as well as the platform itself. Here is what we learned about content for Disney+: We can expect 10 Marvel series, 10 Star Wars series, 15 Disney series, and 15 Disney movies all exclusive to Disney+. Some of […]