This is my favorite playlist so far in this series…I am absolutely in love with it.

Starlight is probably my favorite female lead in a show at this point in time. I am always captivated by Erin Moriarty in each episode of The Boys. I think her portrayal is part of the reason I am so in love with the character. Some of the things you attribute to her are standard things, strength, heart, all that. But the amount of herself that she pours into every scene takes those to the next level. She’s sassy, she’s cunning, she’s genuine, and she knows just what she’s doing. The troubles that she endures through season one come to a culmination in season two, bringing out the absolute badass that she is. I can’t wait to see her in season three. Check out the playlist below!

Let me know what you think on twitter (@justmenat_)

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Now most people know that I am not usually a fan of DCEU films, but push that out of your head for this post. Because that 100% does not apply to The Suicide Squad.

I went into this movie with extremely high hopes and those were pushed even further than I thought they would be. This movie has an amazing cast, creative character arcs, so much room for more content, and not to mention an absolutely PERFECT soundtrack. Lets dive into it.

The cast couldn’t have been more perfect. Idris Elba (Bloodsport) and Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flag) have a great connection as leading characters in this film, which only brings the team dynamic to a higher level. I never really expected to enjoy a character played by John Cena, and that hasn’t changed but I hate Peacemaker the same way I hate Homelander, which means Cena did a fantastic job. David Dastmalchian (Polka-Dot Man) was one of the stars for me, he brought a different side of things to the team and was tugging at my heart strings the entire time. Add to that the innocence brought to the character of Rat Catcher II who is played by Daniela Melchior and the hysterically lovable Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Then finish it off with Sylvester Stallone playing a shark god…exactly. So with that, you have one of the most dynamic and interesting groups of people playing some of the most dynamic and interesting characters.

Character arcs in this film are perfectly done. Some are great debuts, such as Bloodsport, Rat Catcher II, and Peacemaker. Others are great full arcs such as Polka-Dot Man. However, the one that sticks with me the most is the take we have on Harley Quinn. James Gunn, who you might know from Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, took such a unique and interesting path for Harley. This movie was truly a moment for her to come into her own in personality and to see her work and fit well within the team with this new found stage in her life. I don’t know if I trust anyone else to further her character after this movie. For me, it’s Gunn or nothing.

Finally, if I don’t see a continuation of Bloodsport I might actually throw a fit. Idris Elba owns this character now and there is so much left to be seen from him. We have a family dynamic, a dark and interesting past…he literally put Superman in intensive care…I want to see Idris Elba fight Henry Cavill and you all know you do too.

I don’t even need to write about the soundtrack and the score because I am going to link them here and you can listen for yourselves.


SOUNDTRACK (not actually put out officially but these playlists cover it)

I absolutely loved this movie, with everything I have. It feels very much like what I have always wanted to see from the DCEU. If you have doubts about it, which is understandable…its DC…they havent had a great track record with films…trust me and give The Suicide Squad a chance. It has heart, humor, great music, and cute rats.

For more of my thoughts on the movie, check out the episode we did on it for my podcast “What We Watched”.

Watch it in theaters or on HBO Max (through Sept. 5)!


I didn’t fall of the face of the earth for a minute…you did…anyway. That was a cool alliteration I did there though.

So if you all couldn’t tell, I like making playlists about things. So after watching The Suicide Squad (full review coming in a couple weeks to avoid spoiling anything for people!) I knew this playlist had to be made.

Abner Krill, a.k.a Polka-Dot Man, is a foe to Batman in many DC comics and made his film debut in The Suicide Squad. Played brilliantly by David Dastmalchian, this character quickly became one of my favorites. Abner has many struggles with his past that cause him to be almost passively suicidal…which I guess is why he was chosen for the Suicide Squad. He is plagued by the experiments his mother used him for, which inevitably caused his colorful interdimensional virus. However, we grow to love him as he grows into himself and becomes something much more than what he thought he could be, a superhero. So in honor of his personal journey, we have Songs That Remind Me Of: Polka-Dot Man

I absolutely loved the character of Polka-Dot Man and David Dastmalchian played the part so so well. Not to mention he’s been in both the MCU and DCEU which is any comic book nerd’s (my) dream. Make sure to check him out in The Suicide Squad in theaters or streaming on HBO Max (until Sept. 5). Let me know what you think of the playlist on twitter and as always,

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For years I have considered myself an avid fan of horror. I remember the first time I watched Ghost Ship (yeah and I liked it…so what?) and from then on I was hooked. So needless to say I fell in love with The Conjuring series and did a little digging into Ed and Lorraine Warrens backstory, only pushing my interest in the scary shit further along.

However…this one was a different story.

What drew me into the encounters that Ed and Lorraine had and the films about them, was their ability to make me believe things that I haven’t always believed in. Up until this movie, they continued to achieve that (Not including the most recent Annabelle movie, but I don’t even acknowledge that one in general).

Arne Johnson played by Ruairi O’Connor in The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

The story of Arne Johnson starts in the early 1980’s with the possession of David Glatzel. David was 11 years old at the time of his possession and with the help of Ed and Lorraine, the demon left Davids body and took over Arne. Later Arne then…well…unalived his landlord after a heated argument. His legal defense was that he was possessed by that demon which made him commit the crime. This then became the first legal case to use this defense.

Now, take all of that as you will. I personally am not a religious person, but there are some things that just hit a little different than others. The first two Conjuring movies made me deeply question what I did or didn’t believe. I had high hopes for The Devil Made Me Do It and those hopes were nowhere near met. On the surface, this encounter seems to be the most believable and logical out of all the rest. Yet the movie made me believe it the least out of all the films prior. This one seemed the most produced and exaggerated, which just did it a disservice. I pursed my lips and rolled my eyes more times than I could count and the ending was incredibly boring, overdone, and anti-climactic for the little bit of suspense that had been built up to that point.

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

I’ll end on a positive note however. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga have always done a great job of not only connecting to their characters but connecting their characters to the audience. This movie focused heavily on their resilience as a couple and how each encounter brought something new out of them. There were also some really interesting shots in the movie, such as the one from the morgue.

Overall, this movie was a pretty big dud for me. I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t behind the story, and the positive moments weren’t enough for me to look past anything negative. I give it a 3/10.

What are your thoughts on the movie? Love it? Hate it? Let me know on twitter !

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When I was in the theater for Captain America: Civil War, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of our newest (and in my opinion best) Peter Parker. Ever since the memorable airport scene, Tom Holland has become a household name for Marvel fans. However, I firmly believe that Peter Parker is just the surface of what Holland has to offer the world.

Tom Holland in Captain America: Civil War

First I will start with his portrayal of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. I have been a fan of Spider-Man since I was about five years old, meaning I have seen and understood in detail all of his cinematic portrayals. I grew up with Tobey, focused on Andrew, and pretty much finalized on Tom. So in other words, Tom Holland is my personal Spider-Man. I think that he perfectly combines the shy awkwardness we have come to associate with the cinematic Peter Parker as well as the intense desire to do good that we associate with Spider-Man. Tom is the most well rounded and full version of this character.

As for his other characters, I think he will become one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood for the foreseeable future. From 2004’s The Impossible to 2021’s Cherry (which you can find my full review of here) Tom brings an innocence matched with strength to every role he touches. Even in roles we don’t see him in such as 2020’s Dolittle and 2019’s Spies In Disguise his characters are always the ones that keep your heart going and give you a sense of emotional attachment to the film and its characters. Even in roles where we don’t get much time with him such as The Lost City of Z, you want nothing but mental and emotional satisfaction for his characters. He pulls viewers in and keeps them with him through all of his movies.

Tom Holland in Cherry

I think Tom Holland may be one of the most unique and important actors of our time. He appeals to audiences of all ages and demographics through roles we aim to be in the future and who we wish we had been in the past. His work is so important and he will continue to be a commonplace name in movie loving households for years to come. I can’t wait to see his next project because I truly believe the sky is the limit for my favorite web-slinger.

Featured Image

Today was a HUGE day for Disney and it’s franchises. We got news on series and movies as well as the platform itself.

Here is what we learned about content for Disney+:

We can expect 10 Marvel series, 10 Star Wars series, 15 Disney series, and 15 Disney movies all exclusive to Disney+.

Some of these had been slated to hit theaters only but it looks like they’ll be available on both due to concerns with the pandemic.

The company announced that new content would be added to the platform weekly.


WandaVision set for January 15th 2021 release. Oh my god I am so excited for this.

Elizabeth Olsen will be in Doctor Strange “Multiverse of Madness” which will be released in March of 2022.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will be available March of 2021. It will consist of 6 episodes. These look SUPER intense.

Loki drops in May of 2021. The series includes Owen Wilson and the show is in the theme of a crime thriller (I am shaking watching this trailer and Owen Wilson has a mustache and gray hair I don’t know how to feel about this wow).

What if…? Animated series comes next summer. Many MCU actors will reprise their roles.

Shang-Chi production is wrapped. It will be in theaters July 9th 2021

Later next year Ms.Marvel will hit Disney+ with Iman Velliani.

Captain Marvel 2 is in the works. Brie Larson, Iman Velliani together for the film.

Eternals will be released in theaters November 5th, 2021.

Hawkeye with Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld will debut late 2021

She Hulk will make her MCU debut in a series that will also include Mark Ruffalo. Daredevil hints were just DROPPED.

Moonknight series will highlight his different personalities

Secret Invasions including Sam Jackson and Ben Mendelson. Series will focus on Skrulls

Iron Heart featuring Dominique Thorne will tie directly to other MCU films.

Armor Wars, staring Don Cheadle focuses on Stark Tech falling into the wrong hands.

New Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday special.

Series of Baby Groot shorts.

Thor Love and Thunder will begin filming in January. Christian Bale is now confirmed.

Blade has the green light starring Mahershala Ali

Third Ant-Man film, “Ant man and the Wasp: Quantumania” will include some new cast members such as Katheryn Newton (Supernatual) with returning cast Rudd, Lilly, Pfiefer, and Douglas.

Black Panther II is in the works set to be in theaters July 8th, 2022. T’Challa will NOT be recast.

Fantastic 4 reboot in the works and will be directed by Jon Watts (Spiderman Homecoming and Far From Home).

Star Wars and Lucas Films:

Ashoka and Rangers of the New Republic series are in the works exclusively for Disney+

The Mandalorians next chapter will be available Christmas of 2021

Andor will be released in 2022. A spy series in the Star Wars universe from the minds behind the Bourne series. Diego Luna will return for the leading role.

Obiwan series is set 10 years after revenge of the sith. Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen will return for their past roles. Production begins next March.

The Bad Batch is an animated series following the success of The Clone Wars.

Lando Calrissian will have a series added to the platform as well.

Visions will be in anime styles and involve Star Wars characters in another new animated series.

The Acolyte is another mystery series set in the Star Wars universe.

A Droid Story will introduce a new droid led by C3PO and R2-D2.

Willow will be on Disney+ in 2022 from Lucas Films.

The final Indiana Jones film is in production. Harrison Ford will star and it will hit theaters 2022.

Children of Blood and Bone, based off the novels, will be released to theaters.

A new Star Wars film from Taika Watiti is in the works.

Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman) will be directing the next feature Star Wars film “Rouge Squadron” it will be in theaters Christmas of 2023.


The Mighty Ducks “Game Changers” series will include Emilio Esteves and Lauren Graham. It will be released 2021

Turner and Hooch reboot starring Josh Peck.

Big Shot is a sports show highlighting a female basketball team. John Stamos is the lead.

A Beauty and the Beast prequel series is in the works with Luke Evans and Josh Gad returning.

A Swiss Family Robinson series is in the works.

A Percy Jackson series is in the works as well.

The Mysterious Benedict Society series starring Tony Hale.

Hocus Pocus 2 will make its way to the platform.

Three men and A baby reboot including Zac Efron set for 2022

Keenan Lowe film being produced by Dwayne Johnson.

Flora and Ulysses will hit the platform Feb 2021

Cheaper by the Dozen reboots for 2022 starring Gabrielle Union.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid reiteration in the works as well.

Ice Age spin-off film based on Crash, Eddie, and Buck including Simon Pegg.

Another Night at the museum movie is on the slate and will be animated.

Jungle Cruise staring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt will release July of this year.

The Lion King live action prequel on the slate.

Live action little mermaid will be led by Halle Bailey

Hybrid live action and animated Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers film led by John Mulaney and Andy Samburg. Drops in 2022.

Live action Pinocchio will star Tom Hanks.

Live action Peter Pan film “Peter Pan and Wendy” staring Jude Law as Hook.

An enchanted sequel “Disenchanted” is in the works. Amy Adams will return.

Sister Act 3 includes Whoopie Goldberg and Tyler Perry.

Cruella starring Emma Stone and Emma Thompson is far in production. 1970s punk London?! I think YES!

Disney Animation

Raya and The Last Dragon is led by Kelly Marie Tran and Awkwafina. It was fully produced at home and will hit both theaters and Disney+ (with premiere access) on March 5th.

A new Big Hero 6 animated series “Baymax: The series” will be released in 2022. (Very excited for this one)

Zootopia series will follow lesser known characters such as Flash and will be released 2022.

Princess and the Frog series “Tiana” is set for 2023.

Moana series in 2023

African comic collaboration brings series “Iwájú” debuts in 2022.

60th animated feature is a musical set in Columbia called “Encanto”. Lin-Manuel Miranda with heavy involvement.


Soul is Pixar’s 23rd feature film. It will be available on Disney+ this Christmas. (I can tell I’m going to cry)

Pixar’s Popcorn feature well known characters in shorts. January 2021.

“Dug Days” is an Up spin-off series after returning home with Carl. Set for fall of 2021. I SMILED SO MUCH AT THE CLIP!!!

Cars series following lighting McQueen and Mater on a road trip, fall of 2022.

Pixar’s first long form series “Win or Lose” follows a softball team as they share their different perspectives on the same week. Fall of 2023.

Luca will be released in 2021.

Spring of 2022 brings “Turning Red”. Follows a 13 year old girl May through her natural changes…who turns into a red panda when she gets too excited…alrighty then.

Lightyear will drop in 2022 as well…TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!!!!! A Buzzlight year origin story voiced by the amazing and lovely Chris Evans

Hulu (and Star)

Series: Only Murders in the building (starring Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin)

Series: The Dropout (starring Kate McKinnon)

Series: Dopesick (starring Michael Keaton, Rosario Dawson, and Peter Sarsgaard)

Film: Nine Perfect Strangers (starring Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, and Regina Hall)

New trailer for The Handmaid’s Tale and will receive a fifth season.

The Kardashians will be receiving a new reality show exclusive to Hulu.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is renewed for four more seasons breaking the record for longest running sitcom.

An American Horror Story spinoff is on the way and more.

A horror series will be added that is based off of the classic Alien movies. It will be set on earth and this is the first series ever to be based on the film.

A retelling of Shogun will be available on the platform as well.

Here’s what we learned about the streaming platforms Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+:

Disney+ is adding Star to countries such as Europe, Canada, and South Korea. Prices will be raised and this will include local programming in the platform.

Star+ is a stand alone program in Latin America including sports, series, and movies open to 18+ ratings. Star+ in all countries will have parental controls and safeguards to keep the platform family friendly.

Star+ is set to be available to INTERNATIONAL markets only.

Hulu will be adding ESPN+ programming directly to the app next year.

Hulu will be producing exclusive feature films with 20th Century Fox and Searchlight Pictures.

ESPN and ABC reached a deal with SEC to add college football to these platforms in 2024 and will be available on ESPN+ starting next year.

ESPN+ is creating a new daily update series exclusive to the platform. Steven A Smith will also have an exclusive show on the platform.

ESPN+ will have an exclusive 9 part series covering Tom Brady and his Super Bowl experiences.

Eli Manning will be doing his own College Football show.

There is all the news I could get. What are you excited for? Let me know on twitter @/justmenat_ ! And always stay entertained.

So I had this idea a couple months ago to do this sort of series of underrated songs by different bands. I go into my Spotify and shuffle and the artist that comes up first is the artist that I highlight songs from. It looks like we’re starting with All Time Low!


DISCLAIMER: My choices for these are NOT based on Spotify rankings, they are the songs that I fell in love with that do not get as much recognition from the band’s fanbase.


5. “Take Cover” from Straight To DVD II

  • Favorite lyric/phrase: “Nobody’s gonna believe / When you say you’re turning the page / ‘Cause you never put up a real fight / So shut up and make it right”
    • Honestly, the intro and the faded distortion of the vocals in the phrases are super unique and pull you into the song instantly. I also think this might be one of Alex’s best songs vocally. It’s pretty simple but highlights his smoother vocals along with his raspy vocals in a very collective way.


4. “Chemistry” from Last Young Renegade (B-side track)

  • Favorite lyric/phrase: I believe in the way you call to me / like a dance-hall choir / singing out in broken revelry
    • Alright but this song is so cute? I think it may be one of my favorite love songs in existence and that says something because I am a real sucker for a love song (as much as I hate to admit it).


3. “Come One, Come All” from So Wrong, It’s Right

  • Favorite lyric/phrase: “Don’t call the doctors, I don’t need no medication / I just need one more vacation and make it last”
    • I will stand by the fact that this song can easily be the definition of teen angst. Plus with it being one of the band’s earlier songs, it has the choppy guitar riffs in the beginning that every punk fan falls in love with.


2. “Painting Flowers” released as a single and on the Alice In Wonderland soundtrack

  • Favorite lyric/phrase: “When I wake up / The dream isn’t done / I want to see your face and know I’ve made it home”
    • I have been head over heels for this song since I first heard it in 2016. “Painting Flowers” has never gotten enough attention and I will promote it until the day that I die. They made such an amazing and interesting song off of one little detail of Alice In Wonderland and I adore that.


1. “Dancing With a Wolf” from Future Hearts

  • Favorite lyric/phrase: ” So don’t you call my name / I will take you down / Should’ve known that you’ve been dancing with a wolf / So don’t you call my name / I will take you down / I’m not your friend, you burned a bridge / I’ll chew you up and spit you out”
    • This song is one of the most intense ones that the band has both lyrically and musically. There are very few times that an All Time Low song makes you want to punch someone in the face, and this one does which is why I love it so much. It’s confident and sassy and so well executed. I love it.


Do you have some songs that you feel don’t get enough attention? Tweet me @Natlindz and let me hear your favorite underrated songs!


Until next time…


Hey guys! I hope all your holiday events went well and lots of love was shared! Back to your regularly scheduled posting!

Everyone has the albums that made their year and the albums that made their decade. While that was originally what I had planned to make this post, I decided that there were certain songs, artists, albums, and aspects that should be highlighted as big parts of the decade for me as well…and why not have some fun with it?
All Time Low: My first concert in the alt-rock/lesser-known rock scene and my first GA show. The guys in All Time Low and the music they provided are so important to my musical preferences and my life today.

Breakdowns: This decade has brought us SO MANY amazing breakdowns, here are some of my favorites.

  • A Day To Remember “Resentment” (2:35)
  • Bring Me The Horizon “House Of Wolves” (1:47)
  • Ice Nine Kills “Thank God It’s Friday” (2:39) and “Me Myself and Hyde” (2:54)
  • Beartooth “Used and Abused” (2:18) and “Censored” (2:34)
  • I Prevail “Deadweight” (2:14) and “Come And Get It” (2:13)
  • Motionless in White “Thoughts & Prayers” (2:22) , “Disguise” (2:22) , and “Soft” (2:07)

Covers: Who DOESN’T love a good helping of Punk Goes Pop? Some of the most memorable covers include…

  • Beartooth “Blitzkrieg Bop” by The Ramones
  • A Day To Remember “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson
  • Ice Nine Kills “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” by Green Day
  • I Prevail “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift
  • Hands Like Houses “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia

Disease: When Beartooth dropped this record it sort of solidified them as my favorite band of all time. The raw emotion, the intensity of the tunes, the heart, and soul that Caleb Shomo poured into every song, makes for one of the best and most important albums of the decade in general. This album is also one of the most important albums to me personally as well. If anyone needs some music to relate to during hard times, give Disease a listen.

Entertainment: “Rare”, “11:11”, “Crybaby”, “Not Warriors”, LITERALLY the entire album is beautifully written and produced. These songs create a feeling of true love and heartbreak and even make you wanna punch some people in a pit…and by that I mean “Tantrum”…its a bop.


Features: There are few things cooler than hearing an artist that you love chime in on a song from another artist that you love. Here are my favorites from this decade

  • Tonight Alive ft. Corey Taylor, “My Underworld”
  • All Time Low ft. Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, “Bail Me Out”
  • Simple Plan ft. Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low, “Freaking Me Out”
  • Pierce The Veil ft. Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember, “Caraphernelia” (This one is better than “King For A Day” and I will argue that to my dying day.)
  • Neck Deep ft. Sam Carter of Architects, “Don’t Wait”
  • Ice Nine Kills ft. JR. Wasilewski and Buddy Schaub of Less than Jake and Will Salazar of Finix TX, “IT Is The End”

Gone In Your Wake: Thousand Below is one of the best up and coming bands out there right now and this record solidifies that. The songs are catchy, intense and all-around amazing.

Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 3.49.32 PM

Headspace: I am not really a fan of issues anymore, but this album will always be a 10/10 record. The bass is so fun on it and Tyler Carter really shines on the vocals in many of the songs. It’s a fun listen for sure.


Ice Nine Kills: This band is one of the most, if not THE most, creative bands in existence. If you guys know of a band that can put together an entire record based on books and then follow that up with an entire record based on movies and then put on the same intense shows that these guys do…please inform me of them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Justified”: When A Day To Remember released Bad Vibrations, I knew the album would have its place in history. It is easily the most diverse and well put together album that the band has created and it brings in EVERY aspect of them as a group. “Justified” makes that album what it is. It’s intense, it’s emotional, it’s really the backbone of the record.

Keep Your American Dream”: I really don’t have anything to say about this song, other than it is probably the best song on Disgusting and I seriously want to mosh to it. I never mosh. It’s that good.

Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 4.18.59 PM

Lyrical genius: There are so many songs that I could highlight for this but this decade brought some of the most emotional and well-written songs. From tunes like “Clever” by Beartooth to songs like “And The Snakes Start To Sing” by Bring Me The Horizon, listeners were able to hear wordsmithing at it’s peak. The intense music behind the words was great too.
Motionless In White: Motionless In White OWNED 2019. They put out the album of the year and did extensive touring before the album even dropped, then they booked a co-headline with Beartooth to kickoff 2020. Plus they put on amazing shows throughout the decade and totally made themselves icons of the scene.

Neck Deep: The Peace and The Panic was easily one of the best albums of the decade and this bad seriously reinvigorated pop-punk. I sadly haven’t had the chance to see them yet but they’re on my list and very high on it too.

Overthinking”: Coming from the band’s most recent record “Anon.”, this song is easily one of the most important songs of the decade and creates such a unique mix of Jazz and Blues sounding guitar riffs with musical techniques that tie the song to this scene of Rock. It truly is a masterpiece.
Photography: I have been able to grow tremendously in my photography skills this decade and most of that growth has come from this past year. I had the opportunities to photograph The Wrecks, Thousand Below and Waterparks professionally this decade and had so many other great shots taken straight from my phone. Anyone can achieve great shots, all you have to do is try!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Quitting: I couldn’t think of a word for Q and I know that while many members didn’t necessarily “quit” their bands, this decade had a lot of hiatuses and switching of members. Most recently My Chemical Romance ended their hiatus and Black Veil Brides parted ways with bassist Ashley Purdy. There were many others but I won’t list them all!
Revolution Radio: This solidifies that Green Day wins this decade. It was never debated that this group of guys weren’t afraid to make a statement when there was one to be made. Revolution Radio is just the statement that this decade needed and deserved. Plus the album is full of absolute bangers and the tour was INSANE.

Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 4.02.03 PM

Set It Off: This decade brought me to one of my favorite bands of all time. Set It Off has been a huge part of my life for the last five years and I have made so many good memories with them and appreciate them and their music dearly.

Tours: I was able to experience SO many good tours this year and I am certain that they all did well.

  • Shinedown “Attention Attention” tour with Papa Roach and Asking Alexandria
  • Papa Roach “Who Do You Trust?” tour with Asking Alexandria and Bad Wolves
  • Set It Off “Midnight World Tour pt 2” with Emarosa, Broadside, and Selfish Things
  • A Day To Remember “Degenerates” tour with I Prevail, Beartooth, and Can’t Swim
  • Green Day “Revolution Radio” tour with Catfish and The Bottlemen
  • The Rolling Stones “Zipcode” tour with Ed Sheeran

Unopened Windows”: Cody Carson seems to know how to write a song that gets me right in the feels no matter how many times I listen to it. This song means so much to me and it has gotten me through so many rough nights and continues to do so. My heart goes out to Cody and the boys in Set It Off, as it always does.

Vessel: This album is easily the best album Twenty One Pilots have put out to date. Songs on the album are iconic and all-around amazing. House of Gold and Trees are the two that stick out to me most. My favorite, however, would have to be Guns For Hands.

Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 3.58.41 PM

Warped Tour: There is no denying that the ending of Warped Tour was a defining moment in music for this decade. Warped Tour was the biggest platform for exposure that this scene had and it allowed for thousands to be brought together in one place for a day of acceptance and fun. This tour was a huge relief for kids and will be missed dearly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

X: Okay so does anyone ever have anything for “X” when they do this stuff? No? Cool, because neither do I.

Youngblood: 5 Seconds Of Summer have been a part of my life for almost the entire decade. So when I finally found my way back to them with this album I was thrilled with the way it sounded and the new sides it brought out. I absolutely adore this album and this band!

Zero”: When Crown The Empire dropped Retrograde, saying I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. This is easily the best song on that album and I will always love it.

Not that these guys need any sort of introduction now, but I recently had the chance to see them again, and I feel that talking about them is pretty necessary.


In 2013 I was totally head over heels for One Direction, but what 13-year-old girl wasn’t at that time? I was lucky enough to have a set of tickets for their Take Me Home tour with 5 Seconds of Summer as the opener. I did what any person does (or at least should do) and looked into them since I would be seeing them live. I was immediately hooked. I ended up being a bigger fan of them than I was of One Direction by the time the show rolled around. I’ve had a place for them in my heart and playlists since.


When looking at the band from 2013 to now, it is honestly crazy to me to see how they’ve grown. First off, they had such a garage pop-punk vibe when they first started. It was almost like Luke wanted to BE Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low. They were energetic and young and new on the scene, but that didn’t slow them down one bit. Not much has changed in 2019, they’re still the energetic and fun-loving dudes that they were before but with slightly less heavy accents. They’ve also found their new sound and have become probably a staple fusion of pop and rock. While I am someone who tends to enjoy heavier music, I can easily say that there isn’t a song 5SOS have that I can’t enjoy. Seeing the band live again was something I never thought I would get to do. I was in the very back of the arena in 2013 and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to truly enjoy the performance from that far away. They proved me wrong. I was drawn into their performance then and I was drawn into it the same way when I was right in front of them this time.


When I got the chance to go to this show, it was really eye-opening for me. I sat back and considered all that this band has done for me. I wouldn’t be in the position that I am without the music that I listen to, and I wouldn’t have found the music that I listen to without 5SOS. When they wrote with Alex from All Time Low, I looked into All Time Low. They did a song with Vic Fuentes of Pierce the Veil, and so on and so forth with features on songs. That was the spiral into music. It all started with a small group of dudes from Australia, and I couldn’t be more thankful for them.


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What’s up guys, gals, and non-binary pals? I am back to talk with you about one of, if not THE best show that I have ever had the privilege to witness. When A Day To Remember announced this tour back in August, I am pretty sure I almost passed out. ADTR decided that they would take I Prevail and Beartooth out on a run and hit the KC area on Halloween. Did you guys think I wouldn’t be attending? No? Good. Here we go.

So either shortly before the tour started or shortly after, Can’t Swim was added to the tour. Being completely honest, they weren’t my cup of tea. I wasn’t exactly pulled into their performance but they were very festive so that was a plus.

Next came Beartooth. If you all haven’t gathered by now, Beartooth is my favorite band. This was my fifth time seeing Beartooth and honestly, I think this was one of my favorite performances that they have done. Maybe it was the costumes, maybe it was just an over the top night for the band but the energy was so uncontrollably high and everyone was getting into it. Not to mention Kamron decided that he wanted to get involved and ended up closing out the show on top of the crowd.

I Prevail absolutely stunned me. I had been in the area of their Warped Tour set in 2017 but ended up leaving early due to the level of fatigue my friend and I felt and since they were the last set of the night. Seeing them play live has been on my to-do list since then and I am so glad I finally did. These guys know how to put on a show and are so fun to watch. Then you add the facts that they were the team from dodgeball for Halloween and brought a six-year-old out on stage for their last song since he was dressed as Eric, and you can’t really deny that they’re amazing.


Then we witness A Day To Remember, who is easily one of the best live bands in music. This was the biggest show I have seen them perform and it was all around captivating. The lighting, the video wall, the crowd interaction, and not to mention one of the most badass openings to a show. When I first saw that the set began with “Downfall of Us All” I was curious as to what it would be like, since they usually close with that song. It was a great change and I seriously hope they keep it because that had the energy at an all-time high from the get-go and kept it there the whole night. One of the most emotional and engaging experiences I have ever been a part of at a show was when Jeremy came down to the barricade for the end of “Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Nail”. He is one of the most intriguing lead singers in general, so to have him down and with the crowd made everything feel incredibly cohesive and genuine. I will always be a massive fan of A Day To Remember and their live show is something that I hope everyone gets the chance to experience at some point in their lives.

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And now we fall to our last post in the series, highlighting my favorite guitarists. They shred, they spin, they throw their guitars in the air, they play intense and intricate riffs that have us air-guitaring along like nobodies business. They come to party, and they party hard.

5. Jack Barakat of All Time Low: When it comes to fun energy, I don’t think anyone can sum it up better than Jack. I also don’t think he stands in one spot for more than 10 seconds during the entire show. He is constantly engaging the crowd with either jokes or playful banter. He is incredibly charismatic and fast on stage and I think he really makes the shows what they are.



4. Ricky Armellino of Ice Nine Kills (vocalist for HAWK): You can’t be in the presence of Ricky and not laugh, it’s not possible. Plus he is incredible on stage. I think my favorite moment of seeing them live was watching him follow Spencer around screaming about getting his boat back before they played “IT Is The End” when I saw them in Chicago. Ricky is incredibly energetic and has a very focused attitude when he plays. It’s really amazing to see him perform.

IMG_20190512_190750 (1)

3. Kamron Bradbury of Beartooth: Kamron is incredibly quiet in the meet and greets and such but he is always super polite and kind. Seeing him play live is honestly captivating, he is intense, focused, powerful, and energetic. He seems completely in tune with the performance and the band and drives the show to a new level of fun. He is easily one of the best people to watch play live and amazing at what he does.



2. Elliott Gruenberg of Blessthefall: Look, Elliott is one of the coolest guys around. He’s nice, he’s funny, he’s incredibly easy to work with and then you watch him play guitar and he absolutely crushes it. Blessthefall is one of the most energetic bands I have ever seen and I think that most of that energy comes from Elliott. He’s fully connected to the crowds and the music no matter what. He’s always jumping around or screaming the words back at you. He really knows how to put on a show.


1. Zach Meyers of Shinedown: I have never, in my life, been so captivated by a guitarist. Zach’s chemistry with the band as a whole was astonishing but then being focusing on him playing was a completely different experience. Shinedown is an incredible live band and Zach is easily one of the heaviest factors in this. He’s intense and purposeful with everything and his energy radiates to every single person in the crowd. He wins at the live show game, hands down.

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Honorable Mentions:

Kevin Skaff of A Day To Remember

Ricky Olson of Motionless in White

Ronnie Ish of As It Is

Zach DeWall of Set It Off

Some of my favorite moments during shows are when we get massive drum solos from some of the most intense people around. Drummers have always happened to be some of the funniest and most sassy people out there, and I am not complaining. You also can’t really go without smiling when you’re around them and honestly, they bring most of the adrenaline to a show for me. I would also like to note that it is very difficult to get pictures of drummers performing so most of the pictures used here will be meet and greet pictures including the drummers, sorry for that.

5. Otto Wood of Waterparks: I have been seeing and meeting Waterparks since their very first tour in 2016. They opened for Never Shout Never at the Granada in Lawrence and were the smallest band on the bill. The very first thing I noticed about the band was Otto, his long curly hair constantly down around his face and constantly moving. I think the most memorable moment from this show was when he attempted to stab through the snare drum with a drum stick. I have since seen the band five times and will always stand by the fact that Otto is one of the most entertaining drummers to watch and he always keeps the energy up. He is also one of the sweetest dudes out there and we share a birthday so, that is pretty cool.

Warped tour 2016, Otto is directly on my left

4. Ryan Seaman of I Don’t Know How But They Found Me formerly of Falling In Reverse: I had the opportunity to see Ryan with both bands and something that I find really awesome about him is that he fits into so many different attitudes and vibes during one set. When performing with Falling In Reverse, Ryan is intense and thrashing and crashing and bringing such an energetic and fast-paced feel to the show. Then seeing him in the IDK How habitat is completely different. He holds it down and still exudes the sassy and blingy energy that Dallon also brings. Not to mention he can play bass and drums at the same time? Mega bonus points.


3. Barry Kerch of Shinedown: Shinedown is pretty much at the top of my list for live bands right now in general, but Barry is one of the best drummers around. His style and his hair and his attitude all lend to the bands overall persona in such a big way that it truly stands out. His energy is insane and no matter the song, you can always tell that he absolutely loves every minute of it. His intensity is so focused and he seems all around centered constantly during their set.


2. Patrick Galante of Ice Nine Kills: Can you wear a taxidermy style pig mask and black cloak while playing drums for intense metalcore songs? I know I can’t, but Patrick sure can and he absolutely kills it each time. Yes, that pun was intended. Patrick is insanely talented when it comes to putting on a show and adding to the personality the band has live. We all know that the boys in INK love the costumes and make-up but that never distracts from their amazing performance live, especially Patrick. He really brings the band together in my opinion, plus he’s a pretty funny guy in general.


1. Maxx Danziger of Set It Off: I can easily stand by the fact that Maxx is the best drummer in this scene. The personality that he brings to the band and the live shows is off the charts. This most recent time that I saw Set It Off, he had this MASSIVE drum solo with tons of random songs and that was the most energetic part of the show. He never fails to bring sass and attitude to a show and yet still be one of the nicest dudes around. His talent is undeniable and I think that overall he brings such a unique feel to the band that without him, they just wouldn’t have the presence that they do. Maxx is truly one of a kind and he knocks it out of the park every time I see him. Also, we take meme pictures so, that makes him even better.

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Honorable Mentions

  • Matt Traynor formerly of Blessthefall
  • Connor Denis of Beartooth
  • Lou Vecchio of New Politics
  • Billy Nally of The Wrecks
  • Rian Dawson of All Time Low

So those are my favorite drummers, and I apologize for the crazy posting, I will eventually get it together enough to stick to a schedule!


Until next time…