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Review: “For Those That Wish To Exist” by Architects

Do You Dream of Armageddon?: Great intro to the album. I totally want to hear this in the next fantasy/action fight scene I watch. Someone get on that, or tell me who to talk to about it. It needs to happen. Black Lungs: This one has some rhythm stuff that I find really interesting and […]

Music Hopes for 2021

Since 2015, I have attended at least 10 live music shows a year. February of 2018 I had five concerts planned with two the final week. I may have only ended up going to three of them but that is besides the point. At the beginning of 2020, I was feeling that this year might […]

Releases of the Year

I am so happy to finally be able to write this post, because that means this mess of a year is almost over. I decided to combine albums and EP’s because there were so so so many amazing EP’s that dropped this year. Most of these could be swapped around and still fit my opinions […]

Review: “Weird!” by Yungblud

The album starts off a little slower…but only for a couple verses and then we know Yungblud is here and he has a lot to say. Yungblud has proven through his activism, lyricism, and vocal techniques to be one of the most influential up and coming artists of all time and a key figure in […]

Album Review: Gone In Your Wake

I know that I talk about Thousand Below quite a bit, but since they’re one of my favorite artists out there at the moment it doesn’t make sense for me to not post a review of their most recent record. The band’s sophomore album “Gone In Your Wake” was released about a month ago. The record […]

Album Review- Love and Loathing

If only I had known how crazy good this band was during Warped Tour. I just recently became exposed to With Confidence and I can say I am actually quite a fan. Very excited to see them live this winter on their co-headliner with Broadside! Tickets go on sale this Friday Aug. 31 so hopefully […]

My Top 10 albums from 2016-2017

Hello there! I have been looking around my blog and trying hard to decide what I should do next. I have done many album reviews and concert reviews, and so I decided to do a top 10! I will hopefully include more of these as I go along. Lets get started! 10. Issues- Headspace:  This […]

Lifelines album review

Hey guys! Sorry it has taken so long for me to make another post! Finals are just around the corner and I am trying very hard to balance everything, so lets hope this is a good post to carry us through the end of the school year! Thankfully that is next week! So today I […]

Aggressive Track-by-Track album review

I am back friends! In honor of me seeing one of my absolute favorite bands in a week I decided to review their album. Beartooth is an absolutely phenomenal band and I love their new album Aggressive. If there was only one thing I could say about this album, it would be that the title […]

Bring Me The Horizon “Amo” Review

Everything that I heard about this album was definitely negative. I was a little hesitant to even listen to it, let alone review it, because people made it sound like Bring Me The Horizon took on a pop sound with no good outcomes. Which I learned to be false in many aspects. ___________________ i apologise […]

Waterparks Entertainment Review

Up until now I had been working on my project presentation and gradually adding to this post as I could. I presented yesterday and received a 95%! I am so happy with how everything turned out and I can’t wait to continue my blog for years to come. Now that my project is finished, I […]

Mania Review

Before listening: I don’t think that I will be a big fan of this album, it seems too mainstream for me. I was and still am a huge fan of the older fall out boy and I know that this album is a pretty big shift from that. However, I feel that this album is […]

Panic Vertigo review

Okay, I am sure you all realize by now that I am a HUGE fan of The Wrecks. However, I will say that I am never one to claim a band is just SO fantastic unless I truly believe it. So, when I first found out that the band was releasing new music, I was […]

Hard To Love by Light Up The Sky Review

Since November 11th, 2016 Light Up The Sky have been one of my favorite artists. They are crazy good performers and some of the greatest dudes you could ever meet. They truly put everything into what they do. They never fail to impress with their sound and their performance, and their new single “Hard To […]

My Discover Weekly review on Spotify

Hey guys, so I thought it might be fun to go through my spotify discover playlist and highlight and rate some new artist for me and for you guys! 1. Deaf Havana – Everybody’s Dancing And I Want To Die: I first noticed the odd intro. As I listened I was reminded of Mallory Knox, which […]

Double Dare Review

Hello again! Sorry about the random post, until I get this thing up and running my posts will be pretty sporadic. But never the less, here I am! Today we are trying something different again! Waterparks is one of my all time favorite bands. These dudes are talented, funny, and pretty awesome all the way […]

Artist highlight: 5 Seconds of Summer

Not that these guys need any sort of introduction now, but I recently had the chance to see them again, and I feel that talking about them is pretty necessary. In 2013 I was totally head over heels for One Direction, but what 13-year-old girl wasn’t at that time? I was lucky enough to have […]

Artist highlight: Thousand Below

I have been talking about nothing but Thousand Below for the past couple of weeks and guess what, I am not stopping yet. Here we go, The first time I saw Thousand Below was when they were a part of the “Nightlife in Revolt” tour with Youth in Revolt and Light Up The Sky. I […]

Artist Spotlight: The Word Alive

About a month ago I had the opportunity to see Blessthefall for the fifth time on their Hard Feelings tour. Through this tour, I was exposed to a band that I can now easily claim as one of my favorite bands to date. The line-up consisted of A War Within, Thousand Below, Ded, The Word […]

Artist spotlight: Ice Nine Kills

One of my favorite things about Warped Tour was the time limit on each set. It gives people time to see their favorite bands play but also gives them time to meet the people they want to meet. Never, in my last four summers of Warped Tours have I been UPSET with that time limit. […]

Artist Update: Blessthefall

Hey baby, here are those songs we wanted from Blessthefall! These guys are back with a powerful punch and I am definitely digging it! When I caught news of the band switching to Rise records, I was eager to see what was coming next. Then one could say we were ‘Blessed’ with a release date […]

Artist spotlight: The Wrecks

On Dec. 3 I had the opportunity to see and take photos (like, real photos, with my real camera) of a band called The Wrecks. I had seen these guys once before in this past summer. As many of you may know they opened for All Time Low on their Last Young Renegades Tour. Like […]

Artist Spotlight: Motionless In White

I am back and hopefully will be more current for a couple months! Today I would like to highlight a band that I have just recently become a fan of, Motionless In White. Over this past summer, I had to opportunity to attend many concerts and had a BLAST! I originally was not set to […]

Andy Black Review

In June of 2016 a week or so after the Pierce The Veil concert I had the opportunity to meet Andy Black at his show in Lawrence, KS. I had purchased tickets for his show earlier in the year but won meet and greet passes thanks to TuneSpeak.

Pierce The Veil review

Pierce The Veil Members Vic Fuentes: Lead vocals/guitar Mike Fuentes: Drums Tony Perry: Guitar Jaime Preciado: Bass guitar/vocals   Hello again! Now when it comes to music there is something that all people can enjoy. There is slow music, fast music, mellow music, aggressive music, you want it? Music has it. That is what I […]