Songs That Remind Me Of: Polka-Dot Man


I didn’t fall of the face of the earth for a minute…you did…anyway. That was a cool alliteration I did there though.

So if you all couldn’t tell, I like making playlists about things. So after watching The Suicide Squad (full review coming in a couple weeks to avoid spoiling anything for people!) I knew this playlist had to be made.

Abner Krill, a.k.a Polka-Dot Man, is a foe to Batman in many DC comics and made his film debut in The Suicide Squad. Played brilliantly by David Dastmalchian, this character quickly became one of my favorites. Abner has many struggles with his past that cause him to be almost passively suicidal…which I guess is why he was chosen for the Suicide Squad. He is plagued by the experiments his mother used him for, which inevitably caused his colorful interdimensional virus. However, we grow to love him as he grows into himself and becomes something much more than what he thought he could be, a superhero. So in honor of his personal journey, we have Songs That Remind Me Of: Polka-Dot Man

I absolutely loved the character of Polka-Dot Man and David Dastmalchian played the part so so well. Not to mention he’s been in both the MCU and DCEU which is any comic book nerd’s (my) dream. Make sure to check him out in The Suicide Squad in theaters or streaming on HBO Max (until Sept. 5). Let me know what you think of the playlist on twitter and as always,

Stay entertained…

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