Songs That Remind Me Of Nick Miller

If you’re a fan of New Girl then you should completely understand why this playlist is necessary.

Nick Miller is known for his unique outlook on life, his fairly toxic self view, and the lovable odd ball sense of humor he brings to the show (which is complemented immensely by his counterpart Schmidt).

Now I did this playlist a little differently than the previous two, as all of the songs overlap in one way or another. I simply listened around to some spotify playlists and found some songs that made me think of Nick, I didn’t really think to dissect his character first and I am glad that I didn’t. I don’t think Nick needs explaining, he’s a fairly straight forward character to anyone who watches the show, but for those that don’t I will give an overview.

Slightly toxic, but means well

Nick has always had some…well…issues. Through his family life he had struggles with his father and those eventually came to light in the show. He has a low opinion of himself and struggles with confidence which is shown through his early struggles to make a clean break with his ex-girlfriend, his inability to be vulnerable, and his issues with well…people. However, he always comes to the rescue. He is always there to help his friends and at the end of many episodes he is the one who takes the short end of the stick to make sure his friends are okay.

Big Heart Little Trust

Nick Miller not only has a sever distrust in people, but a severe distrust in the world. He hates technology, prefers things the old fashioned way, and honestly is cynical of every modern thing. However, he’s always looking for ways to better the lives of his friends, even if that doesnt end up working out in the end. He cares so deeply for those in his life even though he doesnt always go about things in the right way.

Mature outlook with childlike behavior

Through the series, we see Nick grow into a mature and well rounded adult who isn’t going to let anyone tell him how to be. He understands the world but doesn’t really like it that much. When he becomes Ruth’s godfather in the last season we really see him blossom into who we all hoped he would be. He’s the fun uncle that everyone wants around, he has unconventional methods for things but they’re a bit more refined now than they were in the early seasons. He’s still the guy we all love, but we don’t have to constantly hope he grows up. Because we see that he has and he still hasn’t lost the parts of him that we love.

You can find the playlist right here and make sure to let me know your thoughts on it on twitter @/justmenat_ . What character should I do next?

Stay entertained…

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