Songs That Remind Me Of: Bucky Barnes

My hiatus is officially over! School is out, my jobs are started, I am still anxious but I am back nonetheless!

So I have taken to filling up my spare time with analyzing some of my favorite characters from shows and movies and creating soundtracks for them…because why not? I plan to keep doing this so if this one goes over well, I’ll post about the other ones that I do. So the first one I decided to make follows our favorite priorly brainwashed super soldier, Bucky Barnes. Let’s dive in.

So to start, you can find the playlist at this link


This article is just to give some context to some of the songs I chose and certain scenes or aspects that connects Bucky to these songs.

Not having control of his mind:

A key concept of Bucky as a character is the time he spent under Hydras control. Even as he breaks free of the brainwashing, it haunts him. There were gaps in his captivity that allowed him to understand what was going on, making that 10x harder not only for him, but for audiences and comic book readers. The songs that speak to this are:

  1. Voices – Motionless In White
  2. Where Is My Mind – The Pixies
  3. The Wolf – SIAMES
  4. DEVIL – Shinedown


So, after Bucky completely rids himself of the effect those dreaded words have over him, he is still left with the damage he caused. We see this through the Captain America and The Winter Soldier series (yes. im calling it that. nobody can stop me.) in which he tries to “make amends” with those he may have wronged or hurt. Obviously he puts more effort into some of these amends than others. The songs that speak to the regret he feels are:

  1. Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden
  2. I’ll Be Good – Jaymes Young
  3. Sick of Me – Beartooth
  4. These Days R Mine – Johnny Goth
  5. Wired – Hands Like Houses
  6. Millennia – Crown The Empire
  7. Hurricane – I Prevail
  8. The Ocean – Tonight Alive
  9. Bleach – Hurtwave
  10. Perfect – Simple Plan
  11. Nightmare – Set It Off


Speaking of Bucky’s amends. Bucky starts his redemption arc during Captain America: Civil War when he is finally forced to confront Tony after years of living with the fact that well…Howard Stark was his doing. This is where we come to understand that those gaps in Bucky’s brainwashing not only allowed him to understand what he was being forced on him, but remember all the things that he did. As we follow him through the events of Infinity War, Endgame, and CATWS (series) we are truly shown the growth and acceptance Bucky has with this part of his life. The songs that fit this are:

  1. The Fire – Tonight Alive
  2. What I’ve Done – Linkin Park
  3. Flowers on the Grave – The Maine
  4. Healing Now – Sick Puppies
  5. Still Breathing – Green Day
  6. (Un)Lost – The Maine

Strength and Growth:

Finally, we grow to understand that Bucky has not only accepted his past, but is learning from it. He is taking what he has overcome and using it to push himself. We see the dynamic he forms with Sam Wilson and how he almost accepts himself as being a new and improved Bucky Barnes. The Winter Soldier will always be a part of Bucky, but that is no longer who he is. These songs are:

  1. Aftermath – Crown The Empire
  2. Throne – Bring Me The Horizon
  3. Don’t Back Down – Mammoth WVH
  4. The Other – Tonight Alive
  5. Unstoppable – Motionless In White
  6. Higher – The Score
  7. All My Life – Foo Fighters
  8. Glitter & Gold – Barns Courtney

What are some songs that remind you of Bucky? What character should I do next? Did you like the playlist? Let me know on twitter ( linked here 🙂 )!

Until next time,

Stay entertained…

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