Review: Godzilla vs. Kong – A Kaiju Fest for the Ages

When I was much younger than I am now, my father was absolutely obsessed with Godzilla. I remember almost all of the movies and can picture each version of the monster in my head with total clarity. Even the ones I don’t want to remember…such as the Godzilla that was in the Matthew Broderick movie from 2000. I don’t think any of us want to remember that one. But nonetheless, I am a huge Godzilla fan to this day. I also am a huge fan of Kong: Skull Island. So when Godzilla vs. Kong got announced, I was over the moon.

Hottle as Jia

First of all, if anyone was expecting this movie to be some artsy outing with an amazing cast and script, you’re in the wrong place and you won’t get it from this movie. Obviously we have our familiar characters from Godzilla: King of Monsters Millie Bobby Brown and Kyle Chandler as well as a familiar face to us, Alexander Skarsgard. However, this movie does exactly what it is meant to do and keeps your focus on the monsters, while using the cast to attach you to them. Specifically with the character of Jia, played by Kaylee Hottle, and her lone relationship and understanding with Kong.

Tokyo scene from Godzilla vs. Kong highlighting color and editing.

For the film itself, it is an amazing experience for fans of Kaiju films and fans of action films while also bringing enough cinematic intensity to appeal to general movie and film fans. This movie is visually stunning. The detail in both Godzilla and Kong is immense and intricate, the editing on the film is beautiful and full of depth and saturation, and there are so many beautiful scenes that I could sit and watch over and over again.

The plot of the movie is easy to follow and easily keeps your attention, the constant question of who will come out on top. The rise and fall of characters who are already stated to be only feared due to their magnitude, as we know from their origin stories that they don’t attack unless provoked. We see a child connect to one of these “monsters” and we begin to humanize them only for them to seemingly fail. Really this is a long winded way of me saying I totally cried during the ending of this movie and I have no shame in that being completely fair.

Hollow Earth scenes, detail is impeccable and this comes from one of my favorite scenes in the whole film.

Godzilla vs. Kong is a Kaiju rampage through and through (even some Pacific Rim concepts came into play) and is more than satisfying for fans of the genre. Through the other elements that it not only brings but excels at, I believe it will appeal to a much broader audience as well. Godzilla vs. Kong is now playing in theaters (wear your mask if you choose this option) and streaming on HBO Max until April 30.

Stay entertained.

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