Artist Highlight: VRSTY

Bless SiriusXM’s Octane station for showing me this group, because WOW. VRSTY [pronounced varsity] is a group from New York that pack a big punch with vocals, riffs, and breakdowns. I alway love it when I get the chance to hear a new group and I am super happy that I was able to hear these guys when I did.

In terms of sound, I spent forever having a total brain fart as to who I was reminded of vocally. When I finally was able to figure out who I heard, I just kind of did that little head nod to myself, sort of like “yeah, I’m gonna stick with them for a long while”. With hints of Telle Smith from The Word Alive and Beau Bokan from Blessthefall, I was able to see why I loved this music from the moment I heard it.

“Massive” played on Octane during a recent drive and I was immediately following the flow of the song. I think it is structured really well dynamically and has one of the best breakdowns I have heard in a while. Plus this song gives me the best image of a call and respond type moment at a show. I seriously want to experience this song live.

After spending the past couple of days listening to the band, I found myself still in love with “Massive” but I am also a huge fan of “Shameless”, “You and I”, and “Stuck In My Brain”. There isn’t a song I have disliked yet, I really enjoy this band and their sound. Plus their videos are super cool to watch and I love the color schemes they use in them.

If you’re a fan of band like Blessthefall, The Word Alive, and/or Crown The Empire, I know you’ll love VRSTY. I already have them added to my playlists and if you’re smart you won’t sleep on them either. Check out their video for “Massive” below and make sure to follow their socials as well as mine. Until next time,

Stay entertained.

VRSTY Twitter / VRSTY Instagram

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