Review: “For Those That Wish To Exist” by Architects

Do You Dream of Armageddon?: Great intro to the album. I totally want to hear this in the next fantasy/action fight scene I watch. Someone get on that, or tell me who to talk to about it. It needs to happen.

Black Lungs: This one has some rhythm stuff that I find really interesting and intriguing, in the second verse specifically. “Sure sounds like heaven to me” is amazingly structured and sounds so good. THE BUILD TO THE BREAKDOWN IS IMMACULATE!

Giving Blood: I love the high pitched edit on the guitar and the drums are interesting. Sam’s soft falsetto is super pleasing to listen to. The bridge brings an eerie vibe and almost makes me think of some of the songs off of retrograde by Crown The Empire. Which is not a bad thing at all, considering I think that is their best album. Super good closing on this tune.

Discourse is Dead: A very nice intro to a very HEAVY song. I love the chorus, but I am not sure how I feel about the bridge. There are heavy vocals on flat heavy distortion and it gets a little muddy. I love the choral vocals after that though, that is super nice.

Dead Butterflies: With trumpets? Yes? This is definitely a break from the sounds we have heard on the album before. Still a little bit of heavy backing track with distortion but the brass gives a bit of a breather and a new vibe. Probably one of my top three.

An Ordinary Extinction: Okay Tron….wait this might be my favorite. The intro tease is amazing and I am totally here for it. This is another tune that feels much different from the majority of the songs prior to it. I really like it.

Impermanence: “Those afraid to die will never truly live” gives me chills and might be one of my favorite moments on the album, out of all the songs. This song is gritty and heavy and I love it. I have so many ideas of where this song would fit into different movies and shows and that makes me really excited too. I also love how the tempo picks up for the chorus.

Flight Without Feathers: This one is truly beautiful. I really enjoy it and it definitely creates range on the album. I always look for that in the music I listen to. I think this one really compliments Sam Carters vocal abilities especially with some of the other tunes on this album being incredibly heavy. He does both so well.

Little Wonder: So we are taken back to the techno stuff. I also really like this one. The chorus goes hard and reminds me of Bring Me The Horizon. Post chorus track is super good too and can we just talk about the RIFF IN THE BRIDGE?!

Animals: I have loved this one since it came out so I wont go into details on it.

Libertine: This one is definitely slower and takes us back to some heavy distortion. The bridge on this one is a work of absolute art. I love the mixing of vocals in the ending.

Goliath: My favorite intro on the album so far. The ton in the vocals with Simon Neil works incredibly well. I love the guitars on this song when they don’t feel muddy, they have a solo feel energy wise and I dig that a lot. Plus, the transition to the chorus is great.

Demi God: I lied, this is my favorite intro on the album, probably my favorite group of verses too. The chorus balances harsh and clean vocals perfectly. Dynamics are insane here and I love it. I think this song is the most diverse on the album and definitely in my top three, if not number one.

Meteor: More falsetto, favorite intro backing track, I feel like there could have been more done with this chorus. The track is super intense and the vocals don’t really match that intensity with their pattern. It’s not bad by any means but it definitely isn’t my favorite.

Dying Is Absolutely Safe: Again, another shift from the sounds we were hearing before. This one has a beautiful intro and the soft verse with the harmonies is amazing. I love the use of the acoustic guitar. Vocals on this one are my favorite through the album, for sure.

Overall: I think this album does a fantastic job of showing range in both sound and vocal abilities. The album is balanced between heavy and soft as well as between harsh and light vocals. There are some songs that get muddy and convoluted due to use of distortion on low range notes, and that sort of distracts during those songs. Some songs I feel could have used a bit more energy. In conclusion, I think this was a solid record and it brought a lot to the table, while some of that may not have been my complete cup of tea.

Until next time, stay entertained…

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