Review: Wonder Woman 1984


As a very avid marvel fan, I will always say that the avengers and their friend and acquaintances are my superheroes. However, in 2017 I welcomed one DC character into the lineup. That being Wonder Woman. I loved the first Wonder Woman movie and was beyond excited when the sequel was announced. Obviously I had my concerns about movies when the pandemic hit, but HBO Max swooped in to (temporarily) save the day.

Wonder Woman 1984 is an incredibly fun and well-done sequel. Sure there are some aspects of the plot that were predictable and a couple lines here and there that may have been a little overdone, but they are made up for by the amazing performances by all four of the leading roles. Gal Gadot has impressed me each time she has taken the role of Diana Prince, and WW84 is no different. Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig made a great dynamic out of minimal screen time together and Pascal played the sleezy villain perfectly.

Of course we can’t forget about our main man Steve Trevor played by none other than Chris Pine. Pine’s performance made this movie for me. Through the trailers fans were aware that Steve Trevor does indeed return from his demise in Wonder Woman. I won’t spoil how or why that happens as those are heavy plot points. However, missing almost 40 years of societal growth and advancement would have anyones interests piqued. Watching him walk through the Smithsonian and see all the aviation advancements and the rockets, watching the fashion struggles, and his fascination with the artistic trash can all made for an amazingly heartfelt performance. Pine’s innocence and wonder through this role was gripping and enticing, and it is definitely why I cried towards the end of the movie.

Overall, there were great one liners, lessons, and through the movie. Great cinematography in certain scenes and the soundtrack was phenomenal. It was an emotional, beautiful, and thrilling superhero movie through the lens of classic 80s style. The script wasn’t the most advanced or intricate but it didn’t need to be. Parts were predictable and there was a bit of a plot hole but there was emotional pull all the same due to the connection to the actors and characters. I give this movie an 8/10 and highly recommend watching it if you’re a fan of superhero films.

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Stay entertained!

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