Review: “Weird!” by Yungblud

The album starts off a little slower…but only for a couple verses and then we know Yungblud is here and he has a lot to say.

Yungblud has proven through his activism, lyricism, and vocal techniques to be one of the most influential up and coming artists of all time and a key figure in shaping this generation of musicians and fans. His connection to his fanbase is unbreakable and true, with many songs on “Weird!” coming directly from experiences with fans and his fanbase as a whole. Musically, this album covers all sounds and genres while simultaneously never conforming to a solid definition of one. There are twists and turns in every song and through the track list listeners are taken on a journey through emotions, be those happy, sad, loving, or “I want to flail around in a punk pit RIGHT. NOW.”

This album is one of the most raw and real records I have ever heard. In my entire life. It is an open book into the struggles within yourself, within those around you, and within life itself. Songs like “cotton candy” and “strawberry lipstick” are anthems for self-expression and acceptance. Yungblud is very open about his sexuality and expression which is something incredibly valuable. His fans are able to see themselves in him and begin to feel more comfortable with themselves through his music, especially these tunes. “mars”, “teresa” and “love song” are moments more than a song, to which we can hold onto and find comfort in. “quiet in beverly hills” gives us all a real look into Yungblud as a person and what he values in his art and himself. This is vital and incredibly refreshing to see from an artist these days.

“god save me, but don’t drown me out” knocked the wind out of me. Life has not been easy for anyone recently, myself included. This song was a perfect way to sum up everything I think I have been needing to hear and I definitely had a bit of a breakdown over it. I can tell that this song will always have a place with me and I am certain it will always have a place with all that listen to it.

This album front to back is creative, authentic, loving, and thorough. Not to mention musically intricate, vast, and enticing. Yungblud has become a voice for people in this generation who are finding themselves and looking for a new way to be who they want to be. His music and his artistry is impeccable and uniquely his own. “Weird!” as an album is a calling card to all people struggling with their feelings, but in a full spectrum of the good, the bad, and well, the “weird”. Overall, I think this may be one of my favorite records of all time, and it is definitely one of my favorites of 2020. If anything made this hell of a year livable, it’s this album.

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