Midnight Tour

As you all know, I have a special place in my heart for Set It Off. So when it had been over a year since I had seen them and they finally made their way back to Lawrence I had tickets and VIP bought within minutes of when they went on sale. Especially since they had Emarosa opening for them who I had been waiting four years to see (I told Bradley three but in reality its four because they were supposed to open for Blessthefall the first time I saw them…so there’s that).


First we had Famous For A Day A local band from KC. They were super cute and had some really good presence. I am really excited to see what they grow into and where they go.


Then we had Selfish Things, who I hadn’t heard of before and oh my gosh do I recommend. Their lead singer Alex helped set up their stage and while he did that, he talked to all of us by the stage and made an effort to actually hold a conversation. Then you see him perform live with the company of the other members of the band and it is more than incredible. His voice is fantastic and if we’re being completely honest I think that Alex resembles Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots and I mean that whole heartedly and in the best possible way. Then, when added to the band the chemistry is undeniable.


Next, we have Broadside. I had seen Broadside live before on their past co-headline with With Confidence and I will be honest I wasn’t super impressed with that show. Something must have changed between December and this most recent show because I was astounded by the difference in atmosphere, energy, and overall performance of Broadside. There was massive crowd involvement, all you wanted to do was jump around, and can I also say that Ollie Baxxter is a great dancer? I definitely recommend Broadside, both in sound and in performance.


Emarosa is by far one of the GREATEST live bands I have seen to date. Period. They interact with the crowd heavily, interact with each other constantly and you can see just how much they love playing their music. Not to mention, the music is incredible and Bradley Walden has one of the best voices around. Waiting four years was definitely worth it and Emarosa has been added to my list of bands that I will do absolutely anything, to see live. Not to mention, they’re super nice guys? Great music, great performance, great people, you should love them just as much as I do. Thanks.


Finally, Set It Off. What can I say, I love them and they love their fans and the music they make. They are genuine musicians and people and know exactly how to put on a great show, complete with a massive drum solo, a tear jerking ballad, and a song that makes you wanna punch someone in the face. The tech screens were so impressive and the meet and greet was super personal as always. These guys honestly care about their fans and make every effort to make them feel appreciated. Once you love them, you can never really stop. So again, pay attention to Set It Off, if I haven’t said that enough already.


Until next time.

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