Raisin’ Hell in the Heartland Tour

Hey guys, I know you haven’t heard from me in a minute but I decided that since I went to two shows last week, I would talk about both of them in one week for timeliness (Yeah, like I have any room to talk about that, I know) so be on the lookout for my Set It Off post either tomorrow or Saturday.

So, I went to my second A Day To Remember show last Monday at their stop in Wichita. This was part of the Raisin’ Hell in the Heartland tour that they had through the midwest. When I first heard about this tour, I did not care what I had to do to see ADTR again, all I knew was I was going to. With $60 in my bank account, I bought a $50 ticket and decided to figure out the way there when the time came to it.

The other bands on this bill were Boston Manor and Knocked Loose. I had seen Knocked Loose before during their run with Beartooth, but had never heard of Boston Manor before. I decided that for this run I would go in with no expectation of them and see what I thought. After seeing them, I can definitely say that I am a fan. They sound just as amazing live as they do on their records and know how to command a crowd, even if the crowd doesn’t want to respond. To anyone who has the chance, see Boston Manor, and if you don’t have the chance, listen to them and you won’t regret it. Sadly, I can’t say the same for Knocked Loose. They are not entirely my style when it comes to sound and I didn’t really feel the energy I think they were trying to convey. I will say that I respect them for how they appeal to their fans because their fans go hard, and I mean HARD. That leads me to my next point, I wasn’t entirely a fan of their fans. Maybe it was just an off day for me, or maybe the crowd itself, but there is a big difference between going off for your favorite band and “jamming” so hard that you injure or hurt people in front of you. Accidentally hitting someone when you’re waving your arms is one thing, but there were many voiced Knocked Loose fans at this show that were being aggressive with people who weren’t really vibing with it. Overall, I am not a fan, but to each their own and these guys definitely have a dedicated fan base.


Then we fall to A Day To Remember, who as always, absolutely ROCKED IT. You can tell that these guys have years and years under their belt (16 to be exact). They own the stage, the crowd, the sound, it’s theirs once the lights go down. You wouldn’t dare look away for a moment during their set. The energy soars with everyone the second they hit the first note of “2nd Sucks”. Their crowd is always intense, but never too intense to handle, at least from what I have experienced. What I would also like to add is that they are one of the most diverse bands when it comes to their sound and their vocal abilities, and they always capture that in their tour lineups. By having a more pop-punk sounding band like Boston Manor followed by a hardcore band like Knocked Loose completely captures both sides of the band themselves, which is probably why they always pull in such MASSIVE crowds. Mix their ability to put together a tour, how amazing their live show is, and how amazing they are? You’ve got a recipe for one of the best experiences ever. As if it was even a question, yes. Go see A Day To Remember. Now.


Thanks for reading, see you around!

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