5 Bands That Are Worth Seeing Multiple Times

Alright, it is no secret that I go to concerts all the time, as we see, I run this blog. It is also no surprise that many of the bands on here, are ones that I have seen more than once. I know that some of the stuff I listen to isn’t for everyone and thats totally okay! But here are five bands that I think everyone would/should be willing to see more than once


5. All Time Low

  • I have seen these guys live three different times and the dynamic of their show has been incredibly different each time, but they nail it no matter what. They are a super diverse band when it comes to their sound and they definitely know how to put a lineup together for a tour. You have the Future Hearts tour with State Champs, Tonight Alive and Issues which gave a very energetic and fast paced feel to the show. Then you fall to the Young Renegades tour with The Wrecks, Waterparks and SWMRS which showed much more of the pop-punk side of the band through the whole show. Finally we have the Summer Ever After tour with Gnash and Dashboard Confessional, which while it wasn’t my favorite tour out of the three, it was highlighting the softer side of the band through the lighting and setlists of all the bands/artists on the tour. Chances are if you see this band more than once, you’re bound to find a side of them that you enjoy and that to me is worth the tickets.


4. Waterparks

  • I love Waterparks, we know this already, but seeing them live is always a great time. No matter what songs they play they keep you engaged the entire time, either from sarcastic side remarks or making fun of Geoff, Awsten is always energetic and hype through the entire set. I have seen them twice on Warped tour, once opening for All Time Low, and twice headlining. No matter how much time you give them for a set, it feels like a massive party from start to end and that is an incredible feat when you think about how warped sets alone are 20 to 30 minutes. If you want a great time with great music, no matter how long you have, keep track of Waterparks and definitely don’t stop after the first show.


3. Motionless In White

  • The story behind finding Motionless In White is actually quite interesting in my opinion. One of my best friends is quite litterally their biggest fan, and two days before their show opening for In This Moment had an extra ticket. I figured, why not, she talks about them a lot, I like concerts, lets do it. I was absolutely captivated by these guys. The stage setup, the lighting, the music, its all so incredible. I don’t think these guys have the ability to put on a bad show, I really don’t. After this show, I saw them headline with William Control, Miss May I, and The Amity Affliction, which again, like All Time Low, proves that they also know how to make a tour lineup. With everything about that show compared to their 30 minute Warped Tour set in 2018 being the same level of energy and fun, I can’t understand why anyone would only see them once. It doesn’t make an ounce of sense to me.


2. Set It Off

  • I love these guys so much it is not even funny. I know you might not think that how they are personally would add to their show, but it truly does. The fan interaction that they work into their set is incredible and brings a total sense of family to each and every show they put on. Not to mention they stay after EVERY show to meet each and every fan that they can even after some bought VIP. Live, they pull out all the stops, little dance breaks, talking with the crowd, live trumpet or sax solos, jumping off stacked speakers, all of it. Not to mention their music is incredible as it is and then to have the live performance stacked on that? More than worth the money. I have seen these guys a total of five times and have tickets for my sixth show in June, and if I were you, I would check them out and possibly get yourself tickets to that show. You definitely won’t regret it.


1. Beartooth

  • Look, there is nothing I can’t say about these guys live. If you want a show that is pure energy and intense music, Beartooth, all the way. As soon as these guys come on stage, you get lost in the feeling of the music and the crowd, and if you’re a real fan of them, there is a 90% chance you have cried or raged to one of their songs, and there is a 90% chance they play that song. To have a full circle moment like that with a band that has such raw and emotional lyrics and music is absolutely incredible and I hope that everyone experiences that at least once, and once you have it once, it will be hard not keep going back to it.


See these bands for sure and if I missed someone you think should be on this list, tweet me with your reccomendations @Natlindz !

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