Bring Me The Horizon “Amo” Review

Everything that I heard about this album was definitely negative. I was a little hesitant to even listen to it, let alone review it, because people made it sound like Bring Me The Horizon took on a pop sound with no good outcomes. Which I learned to be false in many aspects.


i apologise if you feel something: Right off the bat, I am not digging this one…lyrically it’s alright but sound wise it definitely feels overdone. I completely understand the band wanting to take a new direction, and I’m all for that, but I think this song holds too many components that are all trying to blend at the same time and it just sounds off.

MANTRA: This was the single the band released from the album and I loved it a couple months ago and I still love it now. I like the drum intro with the faded vocals that falls into the harder side of the band. Looking at this song with the previous track the flow is quite smooth, even if the opening track isn’t the greatest it sets MANTRA up nicely.

nihilist blues (feat. Grimes): The opening is actually really nice. The song flows really well at the beginning and its almost soothing. Again, I am not digging the vocals, they feel super overdone and actually to the point where you can’t tell that it’s Oli. The vocals get better in the bridge and Grimes adds a nice element to the song. Overall this is something I could easily imagine in a video game. Lyrically I like this song, but again the overall sound just isn’t for me.

in the dark: This one is actually pretty good. I enjoy the softer clean guitar picking pattern. I like the chorus a lot, you can sense the deep heaviness that the band is capable of in the bass/low guitar part in the back end of the chorus.  I think they did this to get the point across that while the band is taking a new approach and trying new things they haven’t really forgotten what many of the fans like.

wonderful life (feat Dani Filth): Okay a nice intro, it honestly reminds me of Nirvana…like…Bleach era Nirvana. I think this might be favorite song on the album actually. I am absolutely in love with the riffs in this song. Solid 10/10 on this one, and I love the trumpets that come in later. Wow. Banger.

ouch: This one is really odd. Again, I could see this being on the soundtrack for a video game…I am really not a fan of this one.

medicine: I actually really enjoy this one. I think that this sound and vibe work really well with Oli’s vocals. I like the contrast of his vocals with the softer tone of the bridge. This is coming in at a close second to wonderful life.

sugar honey ice & tea: This one is starting out nice too. Definitely feeling this one more. This song is super suspenseful and I love it. This song is definitely a plus for the album, and I think that after hearing this one, we can see that the band really is just getting their foot wet and seeing what all they are capable of.

why you gotta kick me when i’m down?: Even though this song has more of a techno sound, I enjoy it a lot. I think it’s super strong which is obviously the point. I like how the vocals go from almost tired, to soft, to heavy and full. It is a very nice progression and there are also moments in the track itself that lend to this.

fresh bruises: This one reminds me of ouch…odd. This one gets a no from me.

mother tongue: I enjoyed the little snippet that I heard of this song on Facebook the other day and I actually really enjoy the song as a whole.  I really love the bridge/chorus to this song. I really vibe with it. This one is for sure a plus.

heavy metal (feat Rahzel): This one is also a no from me. I don’t think the beatboxing is really fitting, but I like the song lyrically, just not enough for me to fully enjoy it. Love the angst though!

i don’t know what to say: The beginning is really cute and overall I really like it. I really like the vulnerablity in the lyrics and the symphony part. Overall this song is actually quite real and raw when it comes to the feelings you have for somebody and I truly appreciate it.


Did they miss the mark on some songs? In my opinion, yes. But overall, the good songs on this album are so great that the ones I didn’t like, are pushed to the back of my mind. We also have to look at the album for what it is, new. It’s new for the band and they took a new route that was unconventional and maybe a bit awkward and they made something out of it. That something may not be what most of the fans enjoy, but we have to give credit where credit is due.


PS: All the songs on the album are in lowercase with the exception of MANTRA, Sorry if that threw anyone off.

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