Breaking down the best breakdowns

Okay, maybe it is just me, but I absolutely LOVE any tune that can make me jump around and head-bang to anytime of day. Then you take that tune and add a very intense breakdown? That ladies and gents, is what I like to call, musical GOLD. Personally, my favorite breakdowns come from Blessthefall, Ice Nine Kills, and Beartooth.

You Wear A Crown But You’re No King (Blessthefall) – 0:07 

  • When I’m hearing this song live, once it starts, there is not a moment within it where I am not either screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs or head-banging so hard I get dizzy. This is by far one of the best songs to experience live and it also really helps if people have been on your nerves all day and you need a release of pent up irritation.

Cutthroat (Blessthefall) – 0:13 and 2:10

  • If you’re a fan of this band and you don’t absolutely LOOSE IT during the 2:10 breakdown…you’re lying to yourself about being a fan. This is one of my favorite breakdowns of all time and I think that this is the reason why the last time I saw the band, I couldn’t move my neck smoothly for a week.

Thank God It’s Friday (Ice Nine Kills) – 2:37

  • Each time I get to this part in this song, it takes all I have to keep myself from head-banging wherever I may be. I am actually supremely upset that I didn’t get to hear this song live. I know that eventually I will solely on the fact that I want to go off to this breakdown. Ice Nine Kills put on a fantastic live performance and I  can only imagine how absolutely CRAZY this song will be live.

Me, Myself & Hyde (Ice Nine Kills) – 2:53

  • I did get to experience this song live, and let me tell you, the pit that opened up during the first guitar riff of this song at least doubled in size when this breakdown hit. Honestly, the energy that came from this song as a whole has made it one of my favorite songs to see live in general.

Censored (Beartooth) – 2:33

  • Both times I have had the opportunity to experience a Beartooth show, they haven’t performed this song. I can only imagine how awesome it would be to witness a crowd during this breakdown. This breakdown is what makes this song my favorite one on the album.

I Have a Problem (Beartooth) – 3:20

  • The entire ending of this song from this moment on is a new type of intensity for me. I think that it may be the most intense and rhythmic breakdown that I truly enjoy and can jam out to.


There are plenty of breakdowns that I love that I didn’t put on this list. Tweet me your favorite @Natlindz ! Thanks for reading!


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