Artist spotlight: Ice Nine Kills

One of my favorite things about Warped Tour was the time limit on each set. It gives people time to see their favorite bands play but also gives them time to meet the people they want to meet. Never, in my last four summers of Warped Tours have I been UPSET with that time limit.

I had two chances to see Ice Nine Kills before this final warped tour run but somehow, something fell through each time. So when I found out they were going to be on the final Warped Tour stop in Bonner Springs,  I wasn’t letting anything stop me from seeing them.

From the moment they hit the stage I was hooked. Not to mention they played one of my favorite songs, “Nature Of The Beast”. Then they closed with “Me, Myself, and Hyde” which was absolutely outstanding, with the very slow and melodic introduction and the transition into the intense metal. They had me screaming every lyric at the top of my voice, jumping with all my might, and head banging as hard as I possibly could. For all the readers who know just how much I love Blessthefall, I had the same amount of neck pain from Ice Nine Kills set as I do after Blessthefall shows…that should really put it into perspective. As soon as the set was done I was left wanting so much more. I was for the first time in my life wishing the set time for Warped Tour was longer, but only so I could see more of these guys. I was already asking myself “When are they coming back? And please let them be headlining!” Then following their set I was lucky enough to be able to have my copy of Animal Farm signed by them. It was such an amazing experience involving these guys!

I truly hope that these guys come back to little old Kansas, because I am more than ready to see a full set from these guys and hardcore rock out!

Check out the bands video for their first single from their upcoming album The Silver Scream “The American Nightmare”! These guys also dropped their second single today called “Thank God It’s Friday” which you can take a listen to down below! Make sure to check them out all summer long on the Mutant Red Dawn stage at Warped Tour!

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