Panic Vertigo review

Okay, I am sure you all realize by now that I am a HUGE fan of The Wrecks. However, I will say that I am never one to claim a band is just SO fantastic unless I truly believe it. So, when I first found out that the band was releasing new music, I was beyond excited. Hearing it in full, I am absolutely in love with it. Let’s get into this…


Figure This Out – First off, I rarely if ever like songs with the subject matter of this one. This song however is open and raw, mix that with the melody that is just so catchy and damn am I hooked. I have this habit of imagining songs being played live and you better believe I can see this song being played to a crowd with everyone jumping and singing at the top of their lungs. You get to the end of the song and the consistent drum just sets it all in, and then the very last line of the song going to the softer tone ties the ribbon on the perfect gift.


James Dean – The guitar and the way the vocals in the first verse are shorter and choppy adds to vintage feel of this song. Follow that into the harsher chorus that is still sort of choppy at first, this whole song screams teenage rebellion and I love it. Not to mention that these guys know how to stretch and mess with their sound, therefore adding to the diversity of their music especially in this song. Solid 10/10 for this song.


Way With Words – Back to the ability to completely change their sound and vibe between songs, wow. This song is much softer than the first two, but as I have seen this song live two times now, I know just how into it the crowds get. Having songs like this that still bring energy to a crowd add to the greatness this band has. I also want to highlight the vocals in this song, Nick Anderson has one of the most unique voices I have heard and he demonstrates his how diverse his voice is in this song and as someone who also sings, I have so much respect for him.


Panic Vertigo – I really enjoy the chorus of this song, and I also enjoy how the bass and drums are more prominent in this song. Overall I think this song is something that the band put a lot of thought into and I respect that greatly. Falling back to the vocals once again, Anderson demonstrates his amazing range. The feel of frustration that I feel this song is trying to express really manifests itself in the ending bridge with the “What the hell do I know?” line. Overall this song is definitely one I think many people will appreciate in the time to come.


Revolution – This song definitely started off differently than I would have expected. I love the softer sound in the beginning but we can feel the raw emotion coming in the closer to the chorus we get. It all comes into full effect in the chorus and it really is empowering. This one also makes me think of what a crowd would be like if this song was being played. I can imagine everyone screaming this song at the top of their lungs just due to the energy it gives off. This song isn’t my favorite ever, but I am still a fan

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