A Day To Remember 15 year anniversary tour review

It was definitely a night to remember at the A Day To Remember concert. I was so thrilled to get the chance to see these guys in concert, as the last six times I had the opportunity to see them complications made that impossible.

The show opened with a band called The Devil Wears Prada, I had never heard them before. I wasn’t a huge fan of their sound, it might have been the acoustics being slightly off, but they did have a great energy on stage.


They were followed by Falling In Reverse. This was my second time seeing them and I enjoyed this set much more than the first time I saw them live. The first time, the set was at warped tour in 2016, so therefor was short and felt incredibly rushed. This set allowed them to take more time with their songs and they had much more of a presence at this show. I really enjoyed seeing the band own the stage. Their sound was also incredibly raw and well rounded. I will definitely see these guys any chance that I get.


Falling in reverse were followed by the icons Papa Roach. I listened to Papa Roach when I was younger, and knew two of the songs on their set only because I hadn’t listened to them for years. Man do I regret that, I was entranced by their set. Jacoby Shadix is one of the BEST performers I have ever seen in my life. The energy he brought to the set was astounding and I really liked many of the new songs they performed. It was also really cool to see a band that my mother had seen years ago, still have such a devoted fanbase now.


Finally, A Day To Remember took the stage. Seeing them perform finally was definitely worth the wait. I felt the energy soar to a new height with the first song the band performed. They threw beach balls on the crowd, had people on top of crowd surfers, and there was not a stationary body in the room at any point during their set. I sang, I screamed, and when they played “I remember” I broke down into tears. The set did a great job of encompassing all that the band had accomplished in their 15 years and I am sure that anyone who experienced this tour feels the same way.

Overall, I HIGHLY recommend that any fan of A Day To Remember, new or old, see this tour. It is definitely worth the time and money spent for the show. I am confident that a tour like this will never occur again and I truly feel terrible for any who don’t get to experience this tour.

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