Hard To Love by Light Up The Sky Review

Since November 11th, 2016 Light Up The Sky have been one of my favorite artists. They are crazy good performers and some of the greatest dudes you could ever meet. They truly put everything into what they do. They never fail to impress with their sound and their performance, and their new single “Hard To Love” is no different.

The song starts off with faded vocals rocking guitars. By the verse the full vocals of Ray Luna come in to captivate listeners with a softer, smooth sound mixing with a then smooth guitar sound. Progress to the chorus and the vocals take a step up in tone and get harsher adding to the feeling behind the lyrics with the melody picking right back up to the beginning pace. Lyrically this song is incredible. With lines like “How do you know what it’s like to be me?” and “All your words make me a mess, You got me falling apart for you” mixed with the moving melody we can easily see Luna’s relation to the song and how personal it is. In my opinion at least, I like the fact that I can easily relate to the simple lines which seem to put words to what some might have trouble expressing. Musically it is obvious these dudes know how to mix up speeds and patterns within their playing as to fit everything together into something many will love and find easy and fun to listen to. I can easily see myself trying to sing the the backing music as well as the lyrics, because its just that easy to get lost in!

Overall this song is most definitely a 10/10. I have so much respect for these guys and truly think they are a band EVERYONE should know. They show promise in everything they do and the sky is limit for them.

So, give their new single “Hard To Love” a listen, and I am sure you will most likely become as big of a fan of them as I am.

PS. I interviewed Ray in June of 2017 and while I have already posted it, I will add the link below!

Hard To Love lyric video

Ray Luna interview

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