Artist spotlight: The Wrecks

nick accoustic final

On Dec. 3 I had the opportunity to see and take photos (like, real photos, with my real camera) of a band called The Wrecks. I had seen these guys once before in this past summer. As many of you may know they opened for All Time Low on their Last Young Renegades Tour. Like hundreds of the others in attendance at that concert, I had never heard of The Wrecks, and I was incredibly happy that I had the chance to see them and become exposed to them.



These guys currently have only three songs out right now and just came off of a multiple leg headline tour. They played a small bar in Lawrence KS and had easily 100 people there. If that doesn’t show how PHENOMENAL these guys are, then I don’t know what does. They are currently in the making of their album and I for one am incredibly excited.

smiley guitar dude final

These guys deliver such an amazing stage presence and show all around. As you can tell by my featured image on this post, someone had the urge to crowdsurf multiple times only adding to the already steep energy in the room. Their sound which is sort of indie punk rock like ( I was listening to them one day and my mom heard and asked if I was listening to The White Stripes). It was not something I would expect myself to like as much as I do, seeing as I normally tend to enjoy the more hardcore side of music but I love these guys so much.

other guitar dude final

I highly recommend looking these guys up and once you do, it’s impossible to not become a fan.

Nick scream final

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