Okay is definitely more than just Okay

So, I am really late to this record and I have never been more upset about being late to a record. I saw As It Is for the second time on November 20 and realized I only knew the chorus to Hey Rachel…I had to fix that, and I’m so glad I did.

  1. Pretty Little Distance: This song definitely starts the album off really well. I enjoy how it goes from the softer plucking of the guitar to the more pop-punk vibe guitar from the beginning. I also just love Patty Walters voice and I feel the song highlights the vocals well.
  2. Okay: Back to the vocals, Ben Biss has one of the most gravely punk voices I have ever heard, and it is so good. This song has a much more somber tone, but also hopeful and the vocals just scream vulnerability. I really enjoy this song.
  3. Hey Rachel: Since I first heard this song, it has made me super emotional. It takes a lot for anyone to voice things that they feel they did wrong, let alone write a song about it and put it out for the world to hear and therefore this song made me have so much more respect for these guys. It’s very well put together and it is lyrically very raw and pure. It really is one of the best songs I have heard.
  4. Patchwork Love: This song I feel hits really hard with a lot of people. The story of thinking you had something with someone and finding out that it won’t work out. I feel that this song is something that people actually need to hear when they go through a situation like this, saying its okay to be sad but that is how things get better. I also really enjoy the piano part in the bridges.
  5. Curtains Close: This song is slower, and I really enjoy it. I like the allusion to the concert/theater experience. It isn’t something that I have heard very often, It might be used more than I think, but until I hear another one this one is going to be my favorite. I also enjoy the softer guitar in the beginning of the song
  6. No Way Out: The guitar and drums remind me of the sound of State Champs. I like the chorus a lot, I think the pauses in Ben’s lines really add to the emotional pull in the song, as well as hearing Ben sing a little softer compared to his parts in earlier songs like Concrete and Dial Tones.
  7. Soap: This song has such a dark vibe, which isn’t really something I expected from As It Is. They do a great job with it though! The intensity in Patty’s vocals during the chorus really adds to the intensity, and then falling into the almost techno sounding guitar after the chorus, wow.
  8. Austen: Again, a dark vibe. The bass at the beginning mixed with, what sounds to be, intentionally soft vocals is almost haunting. The chorus is such a tear jerker, then falling into the almost begging second verse…wow…this song really is something special. That is all I can say.
  9. Until I return: The lyrics in this song are really deep. I also like the guitar that bridges the verses and chorus, right before Ben comes back with that lovely gravely punk voice. I also like the slide in the vocals during the bridge, it adds to the fairly straight forward vocal bridge.
  10. The Coast Is Where Home Is: The intro is very dreamy sounding, but then the guitar comes in and gives more of a solid feeling. I always have a soft spot for songs about remembering where you came from, don’t ask me why, because I have no answer. This song does a great job of highlighting just how little you need to help cure homesickness, at least for a little while. It also highlights that you can really only feel completely at home in one place. I think this might be my favorite song off of this record.
  11. Still Remembering: I LOVE ACOUSTIC SONGS! I really like the softness of the vocals in this song, I am wondering why they closed the record with this one, it makes me think like, did it just work out that way? Does this lead into the next record? Is there some other reason? I personally feel it might have been more emotional if it was placed earlier in the album, but the song itself is beautiful.

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