Becca White Interview

So, this past Monday I had the pleasure of attending the Made In America tour with Waterparks, As It Is, Chapel, and Sleep On It. While watching Waterparks snapchat takeover on Hot Topics snapchat, I caught a glimpse of the person taking their VIP photos and shamelessly started fangirling. I had followed Becca on instagram for two years and jumped at the chance to contact her for an interview. I hadnt interviewed anyone behind the scenes of a tour yet and I thought “Who better to interview than someone I’ve known about and followed for years?” Luckily she DM’d me back and I was able to chat with her! That chat went something like this, and by something like this I mean exactly like this.

So, I guess lets start with what is your name, and what are you doing currently?

My name is Becca White and I am currently doing merch management and VIP management for Waterparks.

And how has the tour been for you so far?

It’s been great! Everyone has been so sweet and it’s been super busy which is nice, instead of being like not busy? You know? My days are pretty full but it’s been a good time. The boys are really nice and it’s just been good vibes all around.

So, what exactly goes into what you do?

So, it’s a lot of inventory management and accounting. I am in charge of all of the inventory sales for the band [Waterparks], I am in charge of all their merchandise, as well as dealing with loading in and setting up, making sure all the counts are correct, nothing is missing from inventory, dealing with the merch company on getting new shipments, dealing with management, it’s a lot of stuff for that! VIP is a lot of just, you know, talking to the fans and setting up and kind of keeping the VIP coordinating so we can fit everything together within an hour, and that the fans have a good time and the band has a good time.

So, just a couple minutes ago, I kind of found you in 2015 when you were on warped tour with As It Is, who is also on this tour. What were you doing with them at that time?

I wasn’t working directly for them, I was working for their record label Fearless Records, doing sponsorship and marketing management for their tent on the tour. We had a 30 by 10 tent, lots and lots of merch, like 30 plus designs, 30 plus CD’s, it was really wild. It’s actually really funny because Waterparks tour manager was my partner on that tour and also worked for Fearless Records and road with As It Is, so it’s all a big full circle thing! It was a little different, I got started doing sponsorship management before I started working with artists directly so, that was one of those summers.

And then what would you say, management style wise, is different on a tour like this versus Warped Tour?

Warped Tour was a little different for me, just because on Warped I was my own boss, like everything was through me. I wasn’t answering to anybody, nobody was answering to me like, it was just me. Here the band depends on me for a lot, Lucas depends on me a lot, and you just have to kind of be willing to wear a lot of hats [do a lot of things], where Warped you are focused specifically on one job and on a club tour like this you are expected to do really just anything that is asked of you to make sure that the day runs smoothly.

And what has been your favorite part of this tour so far?

Spending time with friends that I don’t get to see frequently. I did a tour this spring with Chapel so, getting to spend everyday with Chapel is great. Getting to see the As It Is boys after seeing them like for a day or two here and there or every couple months, It’s nice getting to spend consistent time with them again. Getting to know the Waterparks boys, you know, for the goofy, fun-loving people they are and seeing fans be passionate about music and really be like in it, its all awesome!

I really enjoyed chatting with Becca and it was really cool to hear what she has done in the past to help tours run and it truly shows that tours, just like many other things, run as a system. If one part of the system isn’t there, you don’t get the desired outcome!



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