Last Young Renegade Tour Review

Hey guys I am back again with another show review! I’m trying super hard to get interviews at my upcoming shows, but for now we just have some reviews!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting and seeing All Time Low for a second time. When I arrived at the venue there were many people there, and it was already quite hot. Standing outside for a couple of hours before the signing and meet and greet was definitely a grueling experience. When we finally did go in for the signing it was incredibly rushed, however there were a lot of people so I can understand why it was rushed. Then we went back outside for the meet and greet line before going back in for the pictures. Again, these were rushed along too, which even though I didn’t like, I understood.


Finally when the show rolled around and The Wrecks took the stage, I was ready to hear some amazing music, and I was not denied that. The Wrecks are a fairly small band…and by fairly small I mean having three songs out at the moment. That did not stop them from putting on an amazing performance. These guys are super energetic and have amazing stage chemistry, not to mention they sound INCREDIBLE. The future of this band is bright and I will make sure to keep you all updated because I will not miss a show of theirs!


Next was one of my favorite bands, Waterparks. This show was my third time seeing them and for a third time, they blew me away. I will always support this band and go to every show I possibly can for these guys. Their performances are always fun and full of energy. Not to mention they always take endless amounts of time to stay after the shows and meet their fans. These guys are super sweet and dedicated in every way to their fans and their music, if any band is an example of true artists, its Waterparks.


Then came the band SWMRS, and also comes my first disappointment. I hadn’t heard the band before and I was definitely looking forward to hearing something from them. When they first started I was able to get into their sound but as their set went on, I found myself getting bored and not being able to understand what they were saying. They seemed to have fun on stage but I simply was not a fan.

Then All Time Low hit the stage. In comparison to the last time I saw these guys, it was like night and day in terms of their stage set up. Last time they had large banners with each member on them and this time they had a video set up and intro and the lights always coordinated with whatever was playing on the screen. Their set up was truly mesmerizing.


In terms of their set, again I was blown away. This band really knows how to play a show, they interacted with the crowd, told funny stories and pointed out things they saw around the venue. I think my favorite part was when they played “Dirty Laundry”. I loved the backing video they had for it and the song mixed with the lights just made my jaw drop.

The only downside to this show was that the crowd was very packed. I loved that there were a lot of fans there to support All Time Low but there was no room for even the slightest movement. I know, “If you’re going to go to the show, don’t complain about the crowd”, but, that was my only downside to the show.


Overall, If any of you have the chance to see The Wrecks, Waterparks, or All Time Low, I highly suggest you do because all of these bands are performances you truly won’t be able to experience from any other bands.

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