Light Up The Sky Review and Interview

Hey everyone! I recently went and saw Light Up The Sky on their Nightlife In Revolt tour with Youth in Revolt, Thousand Below, and Vesta Collide. There were many other bands that opened for them, one of which was a female band called Doll Skin (Twitter @DollSkinBand). I was pleasantly surprised by them actually, their presence and sound was incredible and I will gladly see them again!

The other bands, Vesta Collide and Thousand Below also put on great performances. I didn’t know any of the bands on this tour except for Light Up The Sky and I can truly say that I am now a fan of every band that was on this tour, and I highly recommend that you all check them out too!

When Light Up The Sky played their set I was taken back to when I saw them with Crown The Empire back in November. They were just as energetic and just as fun. This is saying a lot considering in November they were playing to a crowd of over 200 people and this show was played to maybe 20 people. The crowd has a lot of effect on a bands set and there was definitely no stopping these guys from putting on an energetic set.

At that show I also interviewed Ray Luna of Light Up The Sky, he was super cool and gave me great answers. You all can check that out down below! (Sorry about the crappy audio in some places. We had to do the interview outside and the editing app I have to use for the moment wouldn’t let me split the audio tracks!)

Thank you all for reading and I will hopefully have another concert post up soon!

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