My Top 10 albums from 2016-2017

Hello there! I have been looking around my blog and trying hard to decide what I should do next. I have done many album reviews and concert reviews, and so I decided to do a top 10! I will hopefully include more of these as I go along. Lets get started!


10. Issues- Headspace: 

This album was my first summer buy of 2016 and I couldn’t have been happier about it. The diversity between tracks on this album, the best examples I can think of being the difference between Flojo and Slow Me Down. Both of those tracks stick out to me for many reasons. This album seems to highlight the bass a lot which I like and I was also really pleased that this album took on important issues (see what I did there? Huh? Yeah? No? Okay…) such as police brutality and brought that to a higher platform, which was a really cool thing to do. Overall this album is one that I believe shaped many people in and out of the issues fanbase, which is awesome.


9. Misadventures- Pierce The Veil

Now yes, I know that this album has gotten a lot of praise and I’m just here giving it more, but hear me out. This album is incredibly diverse in its sound, while still sticking to the core PTV many of us know and love. It keeps the bands focus on highlighting the different parts of the track but changes the sound from song to song. I mean nobody can tell me that Texas Is Forever sounds similar to Floral and Fading, but what you can tell me is that each song has parts where the guitar is prominent and parts where the bass and drums are prominent and so on. Therefore, I do believe this album is one of the best out there, because it’s different yet resembles the bands former music.


8. Set It Off- Upside Down:

I picked this album to be on the list because it is a very prominent way of showing the bands progress. While some bands do like to keep a sense of their old sound, such as bands like Pierce The Veil, some like to make major change and make it prominent. This album would be impossible to compare to the bands earliest album Cinematics. One could find aspects similar to Upside Down and Cinematics in the bands sophomore record Duality, and then see the immense progression of the band into a sound almost totally new! This album adds to the growing change that Set It Off is going through and I think that it is a really well done record through and through.


7. The Amity Affliction: This Could Be Heartbreak

The emotional songs that come from this band are almost always hard and fast. This album though I feels again showed a much more personal side to the group. There are tracks that keep the fast guitar and screams from lead vocalist Joel Birch and also songs that go on a softer side and really set the emotion in. Overall this album is incredibly dark and deep which I think really worked out well for these guys. It’s an honest record that people can easily relate to in some situations which is always nice to have.


6. Broadside- Paradise:

Wow. That was my fist thought after finishing this album for the first time. Broadside are a relatively new band in the scene and I think that this album will put them further on the radar than they all ready are. With many solo’s by Guitarist Dorian Cooke and the raspy yet soothing vocals of singer Oliver Baxxter this album shows the bands one of a kind sound. The lyrics in the tracks of this album are also incredibly developed and unique sound. I would have to say one of my favorite tracks off this album would be Lose Your Way but it’s incredibly difficult to pick just one.


5. Death of a Bachelor- Panic! at the Disco

This album was a surprise to me in many ways. First of all the release surprised me, and then the videos for Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time, Emperors New Clothes, and LA Devotee were quite…shocking. But, none the less, the band sure did not disappoint with this albums. Brendon’s Uries silk-like vocals bring a very nice dimension to the sound of the band and the records they produce. The album has many twists and turns, seen by tracks such as Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time and Crazy=Genius which then make way for the slower tracks like Death Of A Bachelor and Impossible Year. This album has many aspects that deserve attention and I think that many people have found this album as enjoyable as I have


4. Beartooth- Aggressive: 

Like I said in my review of this album, the title fits the record very well, which is nothing to complain about. The intricate sounding guitar intros to many of the songs will get anyone riled up. This album also brings many different messages about self-confidence and self strength to the table which is a great thing for the bands fanbase. Plus the songs from this album are so fun to hear live.


3. Waterparks- Double Dare:

What caused me to put this album so high on the list along with its musical quality, is the fact that this was Waterparks DEBUT album. A band coming from small ep’s and demos to an album of this level is something I have yet to see from any other band. With musically heavier tracks like Plum Island and Little Violence to Softer heartfelt tracks such as Powerless and 21 Questions, it truly shows how much time and effort the three members put into the album, and it really payed off.


2. All Time Low- Last Young Renegade:

Now look, yes All Time Low have been one of my favorite bands since I was like 14 but that is not why this album is so high on my list. When this album was released, it got a lot of backlash that to me was not deserved. This album was a much more personal album to the band and that means that it had a different sound. Songs like Nightmares and Drugs and Candy, really show a vulnerable side to Alex Gaskarth and fans can’t really expect a song full of vulnerable emotion to be, full of fast pop-punk guitar riffs and drums right? So, looking at this album as a whole rather than just at its difference from the past All Time Low albums, it really is a very well put together and thought out album.


1. A Day To Remember- Bad Vibrations:

This album shows off the fact that you definitely can NOT put genera lines on A Day To Remember. It won’t work. Going from tracks like Paranoia and Reassemble to tracks like Naivety and We Got this. The spectrum of sounds that this record encompasses is so large and boy do they pull it off. I for one always have a song from this album stuck in my head, and trust me I am not complaining. A Day To Remember really played their cards incredibly well with this album and honestly, I think it is one of the best records the scene has ever been given. This album gives so many different branches that other artists and fans can take inspiration from and to me, that is something that truly makes an artist. This record is one that will never be forgotten and never go out of style.


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