Last Young Renegade soars to new heights.

Hey there! It’s just me…Natalie! Back again and more excited than ever! Wouldn’t you be if your favorite band released new killer music? I thought so! So today I bring you a review of All Time Low’s most recent album, Last Young Renegade, let’s get into this.


1. Last Young Renegade (Title Track):

Alright, so this song opens in a way that most people would not expect an All Time Low song to sound. The song opens with a softer faded out sound and then gets fully opened by the drums, Thank God for Rian Dawson am I right? The song goes into the chorus which brings back some faint hints of Future Hearts sounding guitars. This song shows that the band have made some changes to their sound. Now, if we look all the way back to Put Up Or Shut Up and make our way up to this album, one will notice that these guys are constantly changing their sound in some way. In my opinion, they have yet to make a decision that doesn’t result in awesome tunes and songs everyone wants to sing. This track shows the bands move to something new and sets the tone for the album, new but exciting.

2. Drugs and Candy

This song shocked me the most. I ended up falling deeply in love with this song and for many reasons. The first reason is that I feel that this song is meant to parallel the title track, which seems to have a much more positive undertone about the love, while this one seems to highlight the underlying destruction it caused. I also like the driving intensity of the beat behind Alex Gaskarths smooth vocals. This song also adds to the already set mood of the album, it adds the personal ties. Not to mention the incredible shout of “I don’t want to give it up!” by Gaskarth again adding to the emotional pull of the song. This song is to me one of the most unique tracks I have ever heard from this band, and I love it.

3. Dirty Laundry

With this being the first single release off the album, this song was what was meant to give the fans a taste of what the band was up to and how they were changing up their sound. I will admit when I first heard this song I was a little skeptical of what these guys were trying to do. As the song went on I began to feel the familiar feeling of any All Time Low song, the insatiable feeling to stand up and sing. This song starts off in a very unconventional way and then slowly builds its way into something more like the Future Hearts/Don’t Panic era of the band’s music. The way that each element of the song is added in, beginning of course with Gaskarths vocals which remind me of something you might hear off of a song off the band’s album Dirty Work, followed by Dawsons beat, which is followed by the lead guitar of Jack Barakat and the bass work of Zack Merrick. Overall this song is unique in its own ways but is a very valuable addition to the album.

4. Good Times

This song brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard and for the multiple times I heard it after. The message behind this song is one that is often tried to be expressed in many songs, but this one expresses it the best. By the lines about the devil caring and not minding, and having middle fingers up on an ego trip. It shows the honesty of how Gaskarth felt he was in his past and how he feels toward his past life. This song opens us up to something as listeners and fans that many artists don’t allow their fans to see. The softer track behind the lyrics add immensely to the sensitivity of the song and completely round this track out. This song radiates the bitter sweetness of time and what it takes, and also what it give.

5. Nice2KnoU

WOW. Talk about a shift in gears?! This song begins with the quick guitar right off the bat unlike the other songs on the album thus far and reminds me a lot of the Don’t Panic era. The fact that All Time Low can incorporate so many different aspects into their album, whether they be aspects from past albums or not,  is a sure sign that they are and always will be a driving force in the music industry. This song also seems like a parallel to the previous track, as it seems to have more of a reminiscing view of the past while this one has a sense of excitement for the future and not letting it slip away. This is one of my favorite tracks off the album, and it really ties to the story that the album is seeming to tell.

6. Life Of The Party

This song is also quite different sounding from the other songs on the album. It shows a bit of sincerity in the vocals and the background track is also somewhat mellow while still stressing a point. This track I feel blends especially well and has a nice way of showing something that means a lot to Alex as a person. This also was a single released off the album early on and when it was released it made me think a little and pairing it with the other released tunes I began to be able to see that there was an underlying story throughout the tracks. This song left me wanting to know the next chapter of that story.

7. Nightmares

The first time I heard this song I also cried. This is such a personal song and this allows many people to interpret the song how they wish and however fits them best. Something I have always noticed with All Time Low is that they always have at least one song on each record that give the message that someone else understands, at least somewhat, of what you may be going through. The technical parts of this song that draw me are the way the line “There’s a ghost in the back of this room and I don’t like it” is sang, and the chorus ending where it goes into a faded mix of Alex singing along with a drum beat. I find both of those aspects of the song really enjoyable. I also like the bridge part in the song where there is a nicely added guitar part. Overall this song is one that I, and I’m sure other fans, will treasure forever.

8. Dark Side Of Your Room

This song gives off a slight eerie feel at the beginning but goes into a more upbeat track. I think this song also brings in the more alt-rock guitar that most of us associate with the band. I really enjoy this song as whole, especially the notches on your bedpost line. I feel that this song would be a great one to hear live, I feel that it would be one of those songs that would get everyone up and moving.

9. Ground Control

This song is very unique. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first, and I still don’t completely know. It’s special that is a definite. I think that the chorus is very well worked and the vocals by duo Tegan and Sara definitely add a level to this song that I find nice. This song very fluent and well written, and it sounds really pretty listening to it. I think that my favorite part is the chorus with the duo and Alex’s vocals mixing. The voices blend astonishingly well and make a very clean and dreamy sound. This song is definitely very different, but that is always something that artists like to show!

10. Afterglow

This is my favorite track on the album by far. The intro to the song is very sweetly executed and this song overall gives off such a positive and together feeling. It shows strength and unity. I also love the build to the chorus, “We aint got nowhere to go, caught up in the afterglow”, that signals instant dancing for me…and I don’t dance. This song is such a well-developed song, lyrically and musically. It feels like one of those songs one would sing at a bonfire with all their friends, or one you would hear over a scene in a movie where the couple is driving down the highway all cute and everything. My inner romantic squeals every time I hear this song. ALSO CAN WE TAKE A MINUTE TO TALK ABOUT THE ENDING VOCALS?! WOW.

In Conclusion:

All Time Low’s Last Young Renegade mixes aspects from many of their previous albums. This record also took a large step in a new direction that I think worked to their advantage. Does this album sound like the “Old All Time Low”? No. Is that a good thing? You get to decide that! If an artists music continues to sound the same it will get run down and nobody will want to hear their new stuff because it will sound like the old stuff. I feel that artists who change their sound with each record are showing how versatile and strong they are as musicians, showing that there really aren’t strong genera boundaries, and that they can show any side of them that they want to! This album takes All Time Low in a new direction and I think it was a right road to take. I think this album was definitely a success for the band, and that it encompassed their growing as artists very well.

Last wrap-ups:

I will be attending the Last Young Renegade tour in Kansas City on July 15th. Any readers who see this stop and say hi! I will also be willing to take in a couple of letters from fans to give to the guys at their signing, so make sure you find me! Next Saturday I also have an interview with a band from Lawrence Kansas called Sweet Ascent, so if any of you have heard of them or want to send in fan questions for them, hit me up on twitter! @natlindz and hopefully soon I will be putting up my first video, which will include a furry friend you will all see a lot of!


Thanks for reading!





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