Lifelines album review

Hey guys! Sorry it has taken so long for me to make another post! Finals are just around the corner and I am trying very hard to balance everything, so lets hope this is a good post to carry us through the end of the school year! Thankfully that is next week!

So today I give you my thoughts on each track of I Prevails most recent album “Lifelines”. I had heard of this band many times and many of my friends listened to them before I got the chance too. So when I got a DM from them on twitter promoting their album I jumped at the chance to do a review of it, and am I glad I did. This band is incredible! Lets get into the tracks shall we?

Track 1: Scars

So, the first thing I noticed about this track was its introduction, how it fades in and then goes right into the intense guitar riff. Then the feeling goes right from intense back to smooth and back and forth and it is such a cool transition each time. I love the vocals through this whole song. The backing screams in the chorus are a really nice addition to the tune as well. The line “Don’t fall too far from who you are” is one that stuck with me from the moment I heard it. This song clearly has a message and these guys do such a great job expressing that message.

Track 2: Stuck In Your Head

The guitar intro reminds me so much of A Day to Remember. This song gives off a slightly pop-punk vibe in its guitar parts, which I really dig, considering the stronger vocals. Something that I noticed with this band is that they don’t always highlight the screams, sometimes they just add them behind the lead vocals which sounds really cool. This song is very unique and has many aspects of it that are really nice!

Track 3: Lifelines

The first time I heard this song my immediate thought was that I was listening to Skillet. This song really does deserve to be the title track of the album as it does such a great job highlighting both the screams and the clean vocals. I really like the heavy guitar breakdown in this song and the faded vocals in the second chorus right before that really set a mood.

Track 4: Come And Get It

Alright, this my FAVORITE song on the album hands down. The intro reminds me of the older Bring Me The Horizon and the first screams make me think of Spencer from Ice Nine Kills. The note dips in the lines “Another face in the crowd” and “read between the lines” is SO cool. I love it. And how can you not want to scream “I am the headline” at the top of your lungs? I really hope these guys play this song on warped tour this summer because I want to see the crowd when “It’s about to get rowdy” is sang. Because if it is anything like what I do alone in my room when that happens, it will be pretty hardcore.

Track 5: Chaos

The intro to this song is such a great way to start a song and then as we get further into the song, lead singer Brian Burkheiser, continues to surprise me with his vocal resemblance to many awesome singers. His voice in this song reminds me of Broadsides Oliver Baxxter. In my opinion a vocalist that has enough diversity to sound like other vocalists while also having their own sound, is one of the most talented vocalists you can get. I really like this song and I enjoy listening to it.

Track 6: Alone

This is a really nice break from the intensity of the previous songs on the album. When I listened to this album front to back the first time, this is where I could find ways that this album could be telling a story. The emotion in the chorus is so genuine and vulnerable it shows the Burkheiser is not only diverse in the sound of his vocals, but in the ways he can perform his music rather than just sing it. This song adds a new unheard dynamic to the album which elevates it even higher than it was before.

Track 7: Outcast

The first verse of this song really sticks with me, it makes me want to jump around incessantly. Can we address this chorus? It is so rebellious and I LOVE it. The song gives off a major, almost a warning, vibe which is slightly creepy and really cool. The drums in this song stick out to me a lot also which is a nice thing to notice. “We are the same, united by one name” just screams power and I can’t get enough of this song. Can you all imagine a crowd screaming that line together? Wow.

Track 8: Rise

This song also made me think of A Day to Remember. I again love how the faded out vocals lead into the intense guitar. I don’t really know if I like the way Rise and Riot are spelled out but that seems like something that could grow on me the more I sing the song.  The way “This is the call of the dreamers” is sang is so cool and I really like it. Normally I am not one for a song that repeats lines multiple times but this song changed that, I really dig it.

Track 9: Already Dead

If this song gives off any feeling, that feeling is rage. I love the gun sound effect, it really is a nice addition. The drums are highlighted again in this song and it all really fits. This song also reminds me a lot of Cane Hill. I also like the smoothness of the vocals. It’s ironic how smooth the clean vocals are due to the harsh message of the song. Overall this song is definitely one I listen to when I am mad at someone. It helps relieve the pent-up anger.

Track 10: Pull The Plug

The intro to this song threw me for a loop at first but I grew to like it. I also like the piano sounding effect in the beginning. This is another song that reminds me of Skillet, which I am not complaining about. I think my favorite line in this song is “The fire drumming inside”, I really like the way it is executed.

Track 11:  One More Time

The vocals in this song remind me of Mark Hoppus at points ch is not something I would have expected. This song gives a much lighter feeling than the previous songs on the album which is really nice. The chorus is really pop-punky and I like it a lot. This song makes me want to jump around and yell a lot. Many of the guitar parts in this song also remind me of some State Champs songs.

Track 12: My Heart I Surrender

I will admit I gasped a little when I heard the acoustic in the beginning of the song, and this song is such a different feel than the rest of the album and it is a truly beautiful song. I love the higher notes throughout the song as well. This song would make any hopeless romantic cry which is so powerful. I also can hear the vulnerability in the vocalist, you can tell he means what he is singing.

Track 13: Worst Part Of Me

I like the faded vocals in the beginning and the slower dip on the guitar part is so cool. The guitar intro is intense but not with tempo, with its chords. The transitions in this song are so awesome, especially the transition between the verses and chorus. Overall this is a really intense song to end the album on but I feel that it works for the band.



I am really glad I was exposed to such a unique band. These guys really do not play to any of the “genera” boundaries and that is something I respect highly. I feel that this band will appeal to many people due to the way their sound varies between each track. I have yet to see these guys but will definitely make it a priority to see them this summer at Warped Tour and if any of you readers are headed to Warped this summer, I suggest you see these guys too.

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