Review of The American Nightmare tour

Hey guys! Today I bring to you a recap of The American Nightmare tour with Beartooth, Underoath, and Bring Me The Horizon!

To start off the day, I got the venue, The Midland Theater in Kansas City, at about 10 am and there were already four or five people in line! My friends Seanna, Shelby, and I met up with some new friends, all the way from South Dakota, Michael and his sister Grace, and got early entry passes into the venue and then played some games in a coffee shop. Then around three in the afternoon we went back to the venue and stood by the early entry doors and waited. I met up with Nadia in line later on as well! With our passes we got in 30 minutes early and were barricade for the show, Nadia was close enough to the front of the line she was able to stand with us as well!


The first opener was Beartooth, check out my last post for a review of their most recent album, one of my favorite records ever, Aggressive! They opened their set with the title track aggressive and from the second the song started the energy in the room surged to a height I had only experienced when at a Blessthefall show. The energy never died during that set and I can now honestly say that I will never pass up the chance to see Beartooth live. They are one of the most energetic bands I have seen and they have the power to unite a mass of people through their music. Their set was truly unforgettable!

Then Underoath played their set. I’m going to be honest here, I had listened to Underoath a couple times before but I had never really gotten into their stuff. Seeing them perform live was well, an experience. Their vocalist, Spencer Chamberlain, has an amazingly developed voice and he sounds incredible on stage! Almost better, if NOT better, than on recordings! Yet, for me I wasn’t really pulled in, the energy seemed to drop when their set started, but I feel that might have been because there did not seem to be as many underoath fans there as their were for the other bands. Also, there were a couple of their fans that were incredibly rude which kind of took away from the experience of their set all together. I have absolutely nothing against this band or their fanbase, I also don’t think I would mind seeing them again, but this was most definitely not what I had expected at all.

When the lights went down for Bring Me The Horizon the hype lifted far more than it had at any other point during the night. That is what is supposed to happen right? The band opened with Happy Song and got everyone going! Their backdrops were incredible as well, totally mesmerizing and amazingly beautiful! I think my favorite songs that they performed were The House of Wolves, Avalanche, Sleepwalking and True Friends. Over the past couple years I had tried to see Bring Me The Horizon twice, the first time when they were on tour with PVRIS and had a show in Wichita and then again in 2016 when they played at the midland, then I finally got to see them this year, third time really is the charm I guess! The band held the attention of the crowd from the moment they stepped on the stage, and just like Beartooth, I will never miss the opportunity to see these guys again!


Overall The American Nightmare tour gave me the opportunity to experience a feeling at a show I had only experienced twice in my life and it was truly a great time. I recommend that anyone who has the chance to see any of the three bands that were on this tour, takes advantage of that chance. I promise you, you will not regret it!



PS: Thank you to the new friends that I met at the show who provided me with these pictures since my phone died before the show:( Seanna Fisher, Candice, Elli, and Cassidy Heiss, Cassidy also gave me a beartooth set list and guitar pick that she caught which was so awesome of her!


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