Aggressive Track-by-Track album review

I am back friends! In honor of me seeing one of my absolute favorite bands in a week I decided to review their album. Beartooth is an absolutely phenomenal band and I love their new album Aggressive. If there was only one thing I could say about this album, it would be that the title fits incredibly well, in a great way.

You start with track one, the title track. This song highlights lead singers Caleb Shomos diverse vocals and fills you with a sense of energy that makes you want to jump in a moshpit. I also am a huge fan of the guitar track in this song, its heavy and fast and full, and the ending to this track is so good.

Then you move into the second track, hated, which is an all around amazing tune. The bridge from the intro into the chorus is so cool, I absolutely love it. I am also a huge fan of the way the guitar is lighter and then moves into a more intense state through the course of the song, which is a great lead in to the intensified second chorus.

Next, comes the song Loser. Loser is an absolute favorite song of mine because it speaks a message that I can identify with on a high level. This song is incredibly satisfying to sing when you feel downtrodden and looked down on. This song is a true anthem for the people who feel overlooked and it makes me incredibly happy.

Following that song comes Fair Weather Friend. There were a couple of times recently where I had some trouble with a friend and this song was my go to stress reliever. There have been countless times that this song was all the way up volume wise, and so was my voice as I screamed every lyric. The backing screams in the chorus add such a depth to the song and I love it.

Burnout is the next track and this one was one that I did not pay close attention to the first couple times I listened to the album and I regret that. This song is so heavy and it follows the theme of Loser in feeling like an anthem for the overlooked which is something I admire. The fact that this band makes songs that allow me, and I am sure other fans as well, to feel that they have a voice, and someone to identify with, is something that all true artists should strive to give to their fans. This song also gives off the vibe of self-betterment which is also a good quality for a song to have.

Track seven is my ABSOLUTE favorite song on the album. Censored is such a fantastic song, and I do not feel it gets the recognition it deserves. This song is super intense and gives me the feeling that I can do anything I want and no one is going to stop me. It also gives me a sense of self-confidence and strength and I am sure it does this for others to. There has not been and never will be a time that I listen to this at a “Normal” volume. It is loud or not played until it can be played loud.

The following track, Always Dead, takes it up a notch speed wise. The song stays at a pretty consistent tempo throughout and I enjoy it a lot. The bass breakdown in the song brings a different sense of intensity to the song and I think it is a nice addition to the album.

Track nine, However You Want It Said, has such a nice opening and I love the notes which are used again in the chorus and I absolutely love it. The song delivers a nice message of strength and survival and showcases, even further than every song preceding it, the incredible talent Caleb Shomo possesses.

Find a Way is the next track. This track has awesome guitar riffs and I love the vocals in the bridge. The chorus is also something that I enjoy a lot. The lyrics show vulnerability which seems to be a concept often overlooked in songs.

Track 11, Rock Is Dead, is a super fast tempo song that shows the impact music can have on a person and how it is more than just notes and rhythm, it’s a lifestyle. I also love the breaks in the heavy breakdown, they add a cool feeling to the song. Overall this song is definitely one of my favorites on the record.

The closing track to the album is such a huge jump from the feeling of the others. King of anything is much, much, slower and has such a deep feel to it. It gave me a feeling of anticipation, for what I am not sure, but what I am sure is that, whatever it is, I will love it.

Overall, Aggressive is such a strong album and Beartooth is such a strong and important band. Their songs are full of messages and lyrics their fans can relate to and that allows them to give a voice to fans that may feel they don’t have one. This band has a lasting impact with their lyrics and is going to have an even stronger foothold in the scene than they already do, I know it.

Beartooth twitter:

Music video for “Hated”

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