Double Dare Review

Hello again! Sorry about the random post, until I get this thing up and running my posts will be pretty sporadic.

But never the less, here I am! Today we are trying something different again!

Waterparks is one of my all time favorite bands. These dudes are talented, funny, and pretty awesome all the way around. So it would only make sense for me to do a review of their album double dare.

I am a huge fan of this album and this band overall and I am incredibly happy with this album. The songs on this album spark emotions that range from joy, to sadness, to excitement, to just the feeling to get up and dance and scream. That is the objective of a band right? To make their fans feel something with their music? These guys have achieved that goal to a massive extent, and set the bar incredibly high for bands in the scene.

The songs that I find incredible joy in are the opening track, Hawaii (Stay Awake), Take Her to the Moon, and Stupid for You. Both of these songs have such a positive bright sound and are definitely songs that pick me up when I’m down. Songs that bring a tear to my eye, whether happy or sad, include the tracks Powerless, 21 Questions, and I’ll Always Be Around. These songs show the lengths people go to, or would go to, for love and friends. With lines such as “I really wouldn’t mind a 20 hour drive, with you on the other end filling up my tired head, tell me all my favorite things you’ve said before.” and “My moods dictated by our conversations and if you don’t text I get too frustrated.” the songs are sure to spark feelings with many people. Then you have the songs that accomplish the task of making everyone want to jump and scream, such as Hawaii (Stay Awake), Little Violence, and Made in America. These songs are always the ones I have at full blast on the drive home.

When this album was announced I was so incredibly proud to be a fan of this band and to be around for such a large moment in their career. Their work on this album is absolutely phenomenal and I cant wait to see what is next for them!

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