Blessthefall review

Blessthefall members:

Beau Bokan: Lead Vocals

Elliott Gruenberg: Guitar (Rhythm)

Eric Lambert: Guitar (Lead)

Jared Wrath: Bass Guitar/Vocals

Matt Traynor: Drums

Going to concerts is something that can be enjoyed by a lot of people. You can either sit in a seat and listen to the melodic tunes you know by heart, or you can be in the midst of a crowd of people in a dim-lit, small venue with bad air-conditioning and do the same thing. Seeing live music is such a fantastic experience that can mean multiple things for everyone.

So for my first post I thought it would be best to highlight my favorite live band, Blessthefall. I have seen many artists live and these guys by far take the cake on every aspect. Their stage presence is mesmerizing and the energy they put forth is as strong as can be. What I felt when I was at their show was like nothing I had experienced before. I completely lost track of my surroundings, in a good way. The only thing I knew was that the music was loud and amazing and all I wanted to do was jump, scream and sing as loud as I possibly could. Basically, If you don’t wake up the next morning with a stiff neck and a burning throat, you were not at a Blessthefall show.


The first time I saw Blessthefall was in November of 2015 on their To those left behind tour. This was my first show in the hard rock field and I was nervous and excited, both hoping for the best and trying not to let the stories of mosh pits and crowd surfers deter my opinion, and I’m glad I didn’t. Once they hit the stage I was caught up in the music and the jumping, and really just the all around fun. There wasn’t a huge crowd at that show and the only thing I can say about that is those who weren’t there, were missing out big time! The size of the crowd had no effect on the performance whatsoever, the guys were still as hyped as they could be. Constant movement and amazing lights, purples, greens, blues, reds, and I think Beau Bokan has an obsession with spraying water bottles over the crowd, but that just added to the fun!

Then, in 2016, when the band announced that they were touring with Crown The Empire  on the Retrograde tour in the fall I knew I had to see them again. This time, the crowd was much larger and deservedly so. There were so many more people and after the first couple songs the band performed the ones who didn’t know who they were before, knew them now and were going all out. Blessthefall seem to have a way of enticing people during a show and getting people fired up, they make sure of that. Bokan is never stationary, constantly moving back and forth and head banging in sync with the music, coming up onto the barricade and singing with fans who scream the lyrics right back to him. I know this feeling first hand from the times I heard, my personal favorite, “You Wear A Crown But You’re No King” live. Elliott plays his guitar with such energy and passion that I get lost every time I watch him. He spins and jumps as much as he can and it’s awesome. Let us not forget the aggressive vocals of Jared Wrath that bring the intensity of the crowd. The band makes you feel at one with the crowd and just really gets people lost in the music and it is one of the best feelings to have.


Blessthefall is by far my favorite live band to see and I can not stress enough that if you haven’t checked these guys out yet, you need to and stat because you will NOT be disappointed in the slightest! I can’t put into words just how awesome it is to see these guys play a show, you will just have to go see them for yourselves.

Bands Blessthefall fans should check out: Cane Hill, Memphis May Fire, We Came As Romans, and The Amity Affliction (Most of these bands are more popular but I think they are all in the same ball park)

Blessthefall songs to listen to: “You Wear A Crown But You’re No King”, “Looking Down From The Edge”, “Hey Baby Here’s That Song You Wanted”, “See You On The Outside”

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“Walk on Water” Music video: 

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