Andy Black Review

In June of 2016 a week or so after the Pierce The Veil concert I had the opportunity to meet Andy Black at his show in Lawrence, KS. I had purchased tickets for his show earlier in the year but won meet and greet passes thanks to TuneSpeak. I saw Andy at Liberty Hall in Lawrence which is someplace I highly recommend going to visit or going to a show at. The venue is absolutely gorgeous and so nice, and intimate.


Andy’s meet & greet was kind of short and they asked us not to hug him or anything because he hadn’t been feeling well. So we all respected that and took our pictures and talked to him a little bit. He was a super genuine and sweet person all around.

Then when it got to the opening band, Colours, I was definitely surprised. I did not have any idea who this band was and gradually through their set I began to really dig these guys, they were extremely unique and had a great presence and were just all around easy to enjoy.


After their set Andy came out and performed a couple songs before talking to us, he legitimately just stood up there for a good five or ten minutes telling us stories and engaging with us and it was super fun to be a part of. I think my favorite song that he performed was Ricage, but the other songs he performed were very good as well.

Andy’s show was definitely not what I expected it to be. It was a super laid back atmosphere and show and he was very focused on the interaction he had with the crowd. It almost didn’t feel like a concert, but more of a club show type of performance. Not that he was bad, he was amazing on stage and with the crowd but it was a type of show I hadn’t experienced before and I think it will take a special artist for me to go to one again.


I also feel like his show was more laid back because his album was unlike what people were used to hearing from him. Andy’s solo project was incredibly emotional and developed and you can tell that he put his heart and soul into it in a way that he didn’t feel fit Black Veil Brides. I really admire Andy for taking some time away from BVB to express something that he wanted to express without completely leaving the band. What he did for his project was incredibly mature and responsible and he made it very apparent that he had two loves and was going to make sure he expressed them both and that makes me respect him incredibly.

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