Collaboration: Heavy Vibe

I am so so so excited to share this with you all and to have had this opportunity in the first place. I received an email awhile ago from a post that I made on Reddit, which eventually led me to find ... or for them to find me. After many many emails back... Continue Reading →

Disease Tour Pt 2 Review

Alright guys, this may come as a shock to some of you, but I saw Beartooth again this past weekend. I know, who would have guessed. Well, all sarcasm aside, it was definitely a tour that I reccomend pulling up to at some point because it was a thrill ride to say the least. Dead... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday

What's up you guys, it's Thursday and I am going to throw it back with some bands that I listen to pretty regularly. Now to constitute a throwback, all the bands on this list or that are highlighted in this post have been a band for 15+ years and have at least one original member... Continue Reading →

The Great Depression Tour Review

This past Sunday I spent the evening being a part of one of the coolest shows I have seen to date. As It Is announced their tour with support from Point North, Missouri natives Hold Close, and Sharptooth. If you also had the opportunity to experience this tour then you know just how cool it... Continue Reading →

Bring Me The Horizon “Amo” Review

Everything that I heard about this album was definitely negative. I was a little hesitant to even listen to it, let alone review it, because people made it sound like Bring Me The Horizon took on a pop sound with no good outcomes. Which I learned to be false in many aspects. ___________________ i apologise... Continue Reading →

Five Shuffles, No Skips

Break is over and I am back. I decided to do this because while I do listen to a lot of Metalcore and harder rock, I have many other artists in my library that don't really get enough recognition. So today I am going to give those artists some much-needed love by going through my... Continue Reading →

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